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I want to live in a world where each morning when I open my inbox, a blast of colorful inspiration, positive words, and delightful goodness awaits me. So I can start each day with a smile on my face and a loving message in my heart.

And you?

We're bombarded with so much STUFF every day, both online and off-- which often leads to self-criticism, doubt, so much stress, overwhelm, and far too many obligations. Sound familiar? I know, because I deal with it, too!

I'm tired of not having a place to go for a simple daily reminder to LOVE MYSELF, to remind myself that I'M ON THE RIGHT PATH, to feel like I'M SUPPORTED. A place where I can take a minute to get quiet, to breathe, and to find a place of rest and space in the middle of it all.


I want to create that place for you. I want you to have a mantra to carry with you, each day for 100 days, to help you counter the negativity and doubt. I want you to have an image that you can return to throughout your day, when you need a reminder that all is well, that everything is as it should be, that you are doing a damn good job, and that you are enough, exactly as you are.

So, I created 100 Days of Color!

Selfishly, I created this for myself, so I can sign up to get my colorful positive message emails in my own inbox every morning. :)

And then I figured that if this is something I was craving, you might dig it, too! 

Here's a sneak peek at just a tiny sliver of the colorful goodness that awaits you:

Each morning when you wake up, for 100 days in a row, an email from me will be waiting for you with an image like the ones you see above. They will be oh-so-colorful. They will all have a potent message -- either a quote that I love, or a message from moi -- to wake up your heart, to help you sit in a moment of gratitude, for you to carry through your day. (Note: Sign up before 4pm PST and it will start the next morning. For sign ups after 4pm PST, your emails will begin 2 mornings later. If you live outside the USA/Canada, the email will arrive a bit later in the day. Crazy time zones! )

There's no official start date. You can sign up any time.
Your 100 Days of Color will begin the day after you sign up-- which means your first email will be waiting for you in the next 48 hours if you sign up now.

It's time to open the floodgates of positivity in our lives!
I invite you to sign up for 100 potent doses of magical uplifting in your inbox.
100 Days of Color.


Say YES to inviting more hope into your life. Say YES to living powerfully and positively. Say YES to color! Say YES to telling yourself you're worth receiving 100 Days of positive messages.

Sign up now, and your first email will arrive in the next 48 hours.

One more peek:


Big love + colorful goodness to you. :)



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PRAISE for 100 Days of Color:

"Some mornings, checking email creates an entirely new to-do list -- fires to extinguish, requests to fulfill, forgotten things to remember. But seeing that bright little burst of color in my inbox always lit me up. Some days, the quotes hit me in exactly the right spot and they left me feeling lighter and happier. Such a great, elegantly executed idea!"  - Toni McLellan, Creativity Coach,


"I loved, loved, loved receiving the 100 Days of Color. Every day I whipped down through my emails on my phone or computer to find that day's inspiration and illumination. I've saved them all, but my favorite is "You are Perfect Just the Way You Are". I always feel better after reading them. Wish there were another 100 Days!" - Mary Erdman


"Honestly I loved the 100 days of color so much, they were a thrill to get in my inbox and I'd hurry to my computer each morning to get the next one. I was starting to get pretty bummed toward the end of them because I knew my 100 days were about up." - Denna Hackler-Sullivan


"It was so awesome signing up for Jessica Swift's 100 Days of Color. I love the anticipation of opening her email each morning to see what inspiring message she had for me -- and just how amazing the colors were that jumped out of my computer screen from her artwork. I loved seeing how different and varied each of her pieces could be for 100 DAYS!! What an inspiration! In fact, I'm now doing my own *100 Days of Artwork* just to see what I can come up with 100 days in a row. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your amazing talent with me." - Jane Belisle

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