Tonight I'll be celebrating Halloween by watching 2 of my very favorite movies from my childhood.

Teen Witch is the first. Please tell me you've seen it. OMG, it is the BEST! My friend Dan surprised us all a couple years ago when he knew the entire 'Top That' rap. It was pretty epic. 

Next up: The Worst Witch.

Poor Ryan. He things this is the absolute worst movie. But don't listen to him. It's truly spectacular in all its 1980s glory!

I loved Halloween as a kid. I can't wait to have a kid one day so I can relive it all through him/her. ;) Making Halloween costumes, going trick-or-treating, watching these movies and also It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, eating red hot popcorn (this was my mom's Halloween specialty!)… it will be so fun.

Happy Halloween!

While in Joshua Tree last week, I saw a giant white owl swoop through the night sky after a fire ceremony. It was dark -- like, you could see the Milky Way up in the sky kind of dark -- and the fire was burning down to embers. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I sensed something large move through the sky really close to our group. I turned quickly to the left and the most majestic owl swept past, just above our heads, landing at the very top of a joshua tree right next to our fire.

I've been thinking about owls ever since. It was a particularly magical visit, because I was in Joshua Tree taking a shamanic energy medicine course; this particular course was all about ancestors and the stories that are passed down through our lineages. We were there to shed these stories and the old energy attached to them that lives within each of us and to create new, more empowering stories. We were there to let die in our lives what needed to die, so new, more powerful, and happier possibilities could be born.

Owls are symbols of death and rebirth in shamanic traditions; so the owl's visit was not an accident, I think. It seemed to be there to remind us the work we were doing was meaningful. To give all our old stories and beliefs to the fire. To be born anew. That our work would help make the world a bit brighter and more luminous.

So, I've been thinking about that owl, and she made her way into a painting yesterday, called, of course, Rebirth. Here's the finished piece:

I'm digging the maroon and pink colors -- they're good together, aren't they?

Hope you like her. Prints are available if you'd like to invite a bit of death/rebirth into your own energy field! Let the old stories go. Owl will eat it up, and you will be born anew.


above: Gabrielle Aleman Gordon

My Pattern Campers are continuing to amaze me. Our Facebook group is stuffed to the gills with the patterns they're creating -- seriously, every day they're getting more lovely and refined. It's so awesome to watch!

Here is a handful of what's come through in the past few weeks….

The next session of Pattern Camp will run FEBRUARY 7 - 8, 2015. Jump on the list if you're interested in getting more information when registration opens!

above: Mandy Ford

Hi friends! In all my Pattern Camp busy-ness and then being out of town for a week, I didn't find much time here to tell you about a cool class in which I'm participating in 2015 called Life Book, created by Tamara Laporte. Have you heard of it?

Life Book is a year-long mixed media art class. How amazing is that? You'll get new lessons delivered to your inbox each week for the entire year, from 25 different teachers. (I'm one of them!) The teachers are quite the remarkable group, and I'm honored to be included -- Flora Bowley, Alena Hennessy, Mati Rose McDonough, and Rachael Rice are also teaching, just to name a few. The creativity is sure to be flowing all year long!

In addition to the weekly lessons, there will be other goodies like audio meditations, artist interviews (I'll be one of the interviewed artists!), giveaways, and more.

Whether you're a beginner, someone who's never created any artwork, or a more experienced artist -- if you have a hankering to create mixed media art, to keep an art journal, to learn new techniques, or to commit to a daily playful art practice, this course is for YOU. 

You can find a lot more info about the course and sign up right here.
Class begins on January 1, 2015!

I returned home on Saturday after a week in Joshua Tree, CA, where I was doing my second in a series of energy medicine/ Peruvian healing trainings. While there, I had the huge honor and privilege of meeting 4 Q'ero shamans from Peru. and I had an energy healing from Don Francisco, who is in the last photo at the bottom.

It was amazing!

They didn't speak any English, so the healing was all in Quechua, their native language. There was something really nice about not knowing exactly what was happening… just knowing that they were healing whatever they felt in me that needed to be healed and trusting that I would receive exactly what I needed. And I think I did. I feel so much lighter since returning.

Juan, above, had the sweetest energy. When I asked him if we could take a photo together, he did the 'hang loose' sign with his hand and starting giggling. I did it, too, and we had a good laugh together. Apparently shamans are not all serious business-- they like to goof around! 

It was magical being in their presence for the week -- they opened sacred space at our fire ceremonies and during a different ceremony blessed the healing bundle of stones (called a mesa) that we're each building. They rattled and prayed and called in the spirits of the land and laughed and played Let It Be on a Peruvian flute and cleared us of heavy, negative energy… I loved it.

Here are our mesas, being charged up on our altar (mine's buried at the bottom):

And Joshua Tree was as beautiful as ever; bright, warm, and sunny with long, beautiful shadows:

Don Francisco here was a little confused about taking a selfie, but it worked out, even if a little blurry. ;)

I hope to meet these powerful, sacred beings again sometime in the future! Maybe a trip to Peru is in order….

Yesterday I was digging through some folders of illustrations on my computer looking for something and came across a bunch of drawings of people that I did back in 2010-2011. These are 2 of them. I still really love them!

As I was looking through these illustrations I remembered how much I love drawing people and thought to myself "why don't I ever draw people anymore?" 

I don't have a good answer to that question. Which means, I think it's time to start again! I'm going to challenge myself starting November 1st to draw a person a day for the whole month. Now, I don't really do very well when I set challenges like this for myself for some reason -- I rebel against the constraints that I put on my self almost immediately. But I'd really like this one to work! So I'm going to do my best.

Anyone want to join me for a 30-day drawing challenge? You can draw whatever you want! It doesn't have to be people.

On a separate note, I'm going to be out of town all next week, and I'm going to take a break fem posting here. I'm headed to Joshua Tree, CA again for some energy medicine training. I will have gorgeous desert photos to share when I return!

See you on Monday, October 27th!

Yesterday I had a lovely day. I worked in the morning and then had back to back massage and acupuncture appointments around lunchtime. I planned to come home and work all afternoon, as is my nature.

One thing I talked about with my fantastic acupuncturist, Judy, is the idea of giving your body time to rest and heal and recuperate after times of intense output, injury, trauma, etc. How "muscling through" is often our natural response (it sure is with me!) but how our bodies need time outs. (In fact, I'm pretty sure our minds do, too, but we were specifically talking bodies in this case.) I had some personal stuff going on over the summer that I sort-of muscled through, now that I look back.

I created Pattern Camp, and my energy output for that built and built from July through last weekend, when the course went live. I didn't totally pay attention to what my body needed, partly out of having a lot of actual obligations -- teaching a painting workshop in Denver, going to my brother-in-law's wedding in California, going to a gathering at Pixie's, finishing the content and the launch for Pattern Camp, etc -- and partly because I'm stubborn and have a work-a-holic nature. Even when I'm "resting" I'm not usually resting. My mind is usually racing, or making me feel guilty about how I'm not working or running or being somehow productive toward some goal. So I've "rested" some in the past few months, but I haven't done a lot of actual resting. This mind of mine, I swear! Have you ever heard that phrase "the mind is a f***er? I don't like that word, but I feel it's apt and true in this instance. ;)

I hit a wall when I got home from my self-care appointments yesterday. I had a list of things that I was "supposed to" accomplish. But all that kept popping into my mind was: "lay on the couch. Go lay on the couch. Rest." I just couldn't do anything productive. It wasn't going to happen. The idea of muscling through made me want to crawl in a hole. And so, I did. Blessed be. I rested. When I finally (finally!) surrendered to just laying on the couch and watching tv, giving myself permission to do it and to not be productive, it was wonderful. Exactly what I needed. Why don't I learn from these sweet cats of mine, who know so deeply how to rest? Having their snuggly little bodies nearby sure helps to remind me!

And today? I'm feeling much better and ready to get back to my work.

When you give a lot of energy, or when a lot of energy is pulled out of you for whatever reason, it's necessary to refill your stores. To unplug and pull that energy back into you, however your intuition is telling you is the right way. Sometimes it tells me to lay on the couch. Sometimes it says to go for a walk outdoors. Sometimes it says to lay in the sunshine. I find that whatever it's saying, I never regret listening to it and heeding its advice. I don't always do it, but when I do, I always feel better for it.

So, that's the lesson I've learned (again) this week. It's ok to rest. In fact, it's vital. Otherwise, I'll have nothing of myself to give. 


I'm excited to tell you that not only do I have brand new iPhone 6 cases available now, but there are also 5 brand new designs as well, pictured here!

The iPhone 6 cases come in 2 varieties: Tough and Barely There.

The Tough cases have a hard rubber bumper that sits on the inside of the case (pictured here).

The Barely There cases have no rubber bumper and sit flush against the phone; they're nice and streamlined.
Here's an example of the Barely There case:

I'm also happy to tell you that ALL the phone cases in my shop are now available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 6 (not the 6 plus).

Hope you like the new ones! I can't wait to rock that raccoon case on my own phone.

above: by Sara Franklin

Pattern Camp, my new online pattern design course, happened this past weekend.

24+ hours sitting at my computer, fielding questions and troubleshooting problems, watching the private Facebook group as gorgeous pattern after gorgeous pattern created by the Pattern Campers rolled in, sensing the excitement and victories that they were experiencing as they unlocked the mysteries of creating their own repeating pattern designs, not eating enough, eyeballs blaring…. it was one of my best weekends ever. Truly.

above: by Aimee Sicuro

Yesterday I felt like my eyes were going to fall out. Not in a bad way. Just in a way I'd never experienced before. Are fuzzy spots in your left eye normal? ;) (Don't worry, it's gone now!) I walked around in this weird daze all day -- a happy, bleary, pattern-filled daze.

And I discovered: I love teaching! And, I think I might be good at it!

I wanted to share some of the patterns that were created over the course of the 2-day intensive portion of the class, because they're too freaking awesome not to share. This is just the tiniest sampling! I'll share more in the coming days. They're continuing to roll in at a fast pace -- the Pattern Campers are completely addicted already!

Many people are working through the lessons at their own pace (not everyone could join in the 2-day intensive for a variety of reasons -- schedules, families, living half-way around the world from me, etc), so I'm anticipating literally hundreds of patterns made by this talented group over the next month. I can't wait to see them.

above: by Joy Hall

above: by Lexis Kreig

above: by Susan Reagan

above: by Amy Wildgrube

above: by Erin Brimmer

Pattern Camp will run again in early 2015 -- if this is piquing your interest and you'd like to know more details about when the next course will take place, you can get on the Pattern Camp email list right here.

I had so much fun, it's still all I can think about! I've been so inspired + exhausted + excited + humbled + grateful + filled with possibility since the weekend, I've hardly gotten any other work done. I've been working on this blog post for about 2 hours and I keep getting so distracted by checking and re-checking the Facebook group. Pattern Camp = true love!

The extravagant journey that is your life. How lovely is that phrase? I adore it.

I get questions sometimes from people who read my blog or like my artwork or whatever, about what I think they should do, what is the right way to do something, how it's "supposed to" be done…. and my answer is always the same:

What is your heart saying?
What is your gut pulling you toward?
What makes you feel happy, alive, excited?

That's the magic key. That's what you're supposed to do.

You already have everything you need. You only have to listen to YOU, to tune in to what your own heart is calling you toward. This is your extravagant journey -- you get to make the rules. 

The answers are already within you. All you have to do is listen.


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