Da da da daaaaaaa! Exciting announcement time. 
Christmas arrived a week early here at my house, because guess what arrived on my doorstep last night?

The first copies of my forthcoming pattern book, The Crafter's Guide to Patterns!


I started working on this book with Rotovision Publishing early this year, collaborating with my lovely and talented friend Jessica Nichols to photograph it all, and I can't tell you what an absolute thrill it is to see it in print. 

You guys, a book about pattern design with MY name on the front, filled with my patterns and words and projects, is going to exist for real in the world in just a few short months! You'll be able to purchase it sometime between February and April. (I'll write an update here when the publishing date is more clear.)

The book is co-published by a few different publishing houses, which means, lucky me, my book has a couple of different covers. The one above is the USA cover. The one below here is the UK cover:


The book is being published by Lark Crafts here in the USA, and by Search Press in the UK.
You can pre-order the US version on Amazon here! And the UK version here! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Here's a peek inside:

Jessica and I had so much fun wrapping those gifts. She is such a talented photographer!

Juneau wanted in on the action this morning:

And here's another peek:

The book is mainly about creating patterns by hand, with different projects to create on different surfaces (rubber block printing, cyanotype printing, stenciling, etc) so it's a wonderful complement to my Pattern Camp e-course, which is all computer-based. 

Anyway, I'll share more photos and tell you more about the book once the publishing date gets closer. Just wanted to share a sneak peek today, as I am so happy with how gorgeous it looks! Book designers, man. They're a talented lot. It's amazing that they turned my word docs and mishmashes of images into such a beautiful and cohesive book. Thank you, Rotovision!

My brain feels a bit like mush today, and I've been staring at pretty things on Pinterest for the last little while instead of doing my work. ;) Pinterest, why do you make it so easy to procrastinate??

Yesterday I ran a half-marathon (and actually ran about 3 miles beyond that with my coach/friend Mary, for a total of 16-ish miles, to help bring a couple of other runners in to the finish line) and then didn't sleep very well, so today is feeling a bit rough! So, since I can't seem to form any profound or interesting thoughts or sentences, I give you pretty things to look at today!

The image above is just completely charming, I think. Doesn't she look like a little gnome?

And this:

This is basically my dream dress. If any of you know where to get this, or something like it, please tell me. I will buy it immediately!

This makes me wish I were a red lipstick kind of girl:

(Can you become that kind of girl?) Also, I would totally rock that coat.

And this:

Is basically the way I wish I pressed every day. I want that necklace in a bad way. Whoa.

And she is just too cute for words:

Isn't that crown spectacular? It makes me want to make crowns and headdresses. My friend Jennette makes incredible headdresses, speaking of.

And here's the amazing crew I ran with yesterday:

I am so lucky to have such an amazing, inspiring group of women to run with!! What a fun day. All my hobbling around today is totally worth it. 

Remember my peacock pattern from the other day? Here it is again, in a different colorway! I love how changing the colors of a pattern can make it feel so different.

I was working yesterday on finishing the collection to go along with the peacock pattern, so I thought I'd share one more that I created with you:

Same pattern, different colors. I don't know which I like more!

Pattern making for me tends to go in waves.... I create a lot of patterns for a while, and then I don't create any. Well, a new wave of creating has started recently, and I couldn't be happier about it. My Pattern Campers have inspired me so much!

Hope you have a lovely weekend, friends. 

ps - the next session of Pattern Camp starts on February 7th, and registration opens on January 6th. If you want to learn how to create your own repeat patterns, check out the Pattern Camp website for more details. (Beginners are welcome!)

I'm working on some new patterns over here today and wanted to share a fun new one that I just finished. I'm pretty pleased with it! That peacock took forever to create.

It's a perfect art-making day in Portland today... rainy, grey, and cozy. I've got music playing, Juneau the kitty on my lap (she's like a 10 pound weight on my lap all day every day lately -- I love it because it keeps me warm and cozy, but man, it also makes my legs fall asleep and my back hurt... good thing I love her so much that it's worth the pain!)

Anyway, that's all for today. Short and sweet and colorful. Now back to my pattern making!

Since it's already December 9th (whoa!), I wanted to let you know what the order cut-off dates are for purchases from my shop, in order to get them to you in time for Christmas. Especially if you're planning to order an iPhone case, get those orders in asap!


Here are the shipping deadlines:

iPhone cases :: order by DECEMBER 15th (cases are shipped separately from other items)

Prints, greeting cards, everything else :: order by DECEMBER 18th 

Shop HERE!


Also! I've had a few people ask about gifting my 2015 Goal + Intention Kit. So I made a cute little giftable PDF -- just print it out, cut off the bottom portion, pop it in a pretty card, pair it with some pretty pens, and voila! Simple, unique, thoughtful gift.

Click on the image below for a high-res version of the PDF to print:

You can find the kit in my shop RIGHT HERE. Email me if you have any questions.


I also created a giftable PDF for my e-book, which is a perfect gift for the aspiring artists and surface pattern designers in your life -- it's real world stories and practical advice, straight from my own experience as a full-time working creative. 

Just click on the image below for a high-res version of the PDF to print:

You can find the e-book in my shop RIGHT HERE. Again, email me if you have any questions.

I hope this is helpful in your holiday gift-giving this year!

OK people, things are about to get real up in here. (Hope you're ready to get to know me a little bit better!)

This is a scene from my morning. Today is the 10th anniversary of the day my dad died. I wrote about it a little bit here last year.

I wasn't close with my dad when he died. He was an alcoholic, and it created a lot of chaos, pain, and shame in my family. We didn't talk about it; we were taught to pretend that everything was fine. Don't let anybody find out. (Why does anyone ever think this is a good solution for hard stuff?)

I remember being so shocked, sad, angry, and confused when he died, and I cried and cried and wrote something heartfelt to share at his funeral (I can't remember what I said), and then: that was that. No more tears. No emotion whatsoever, actually; at least none that I let surface. 

Until recently. As you may know from reading my posts here, I've been on a shamanic path this past year, studying at the Four Winds Society and with Pixie Campbell. While at a training in Joshua Tree in October, we were working in the West direction on the Medicine Wheel. The direction of honoring ancestors. Of stepping into their lives and receiving the gifts that they intended to give you. To set them free, and at the same time set yourself free. To forgive and have compassion. To discover the stories you've inherited from your lineage that no longer serve you. To start writing your own story. In a nutshell: it's some hard, work and heavy stuff!

So, naturally, my dad came up in the work of the West. And I've been thinking about him ever since. I began to feel some emotion around him again. When I was home visiting my family last month I looked through so many old photos and brought home some precious photos of me and my dad from my childhood. I put them on an altar that I made in a little alcove on a shelf in my living room. I've been looking at them a lot. I lit a candle for my dad last night, thinking about how 10 years ago it was the last night that he would be alive. I lit some candles and burned some white sage this morning for him, sending a message to him on the wisp of the smoke that I am thinking about him. That I'm not angry. That I imagined stepping into his shoes and began to understand in the tiniest way how hard his life must have been and how sad he must have felt. It makes my heart hurt to think about that. I wanted to tell him that I'm ok.

The emotion is bubbling up lately. While driving from Denver to Boulder last month, I was all of a sudden overcome with a wave of emotion and started sobbing. It was completely unlike me! I don't cry much, but when I do, it can't be stopped. So I cried for about 5 minutes, and then.... I stopped. And I felt better. Ohhhhhhhh, so this is what they mean when they say that a good cry is therapeutic. ;)

Apparently I'm allllll about crying lately, though -- I was a crying mess for 4 days, when Ryan found out where he matched for his fellowship.

Here's the big reveal, friends: he matched in Los Angeles. Like, in Beverly Hills. Yeah.

There are reasons that moving to LA would not be bad -- my wonderful (wonderful!) in-laws are there. My wonderful brother and his girlfriend are there. The weather is usually lovely. The ocean is close by.

There are reasons why it feels oh-so-wrong -- it's so dang expensive, having to start over in a new place (again), LA doesn't resonate in a lot of ways with who Ryan and I both are and the things we're interested in, I love my life and house and friends in Portland so much....

Now that I've gotten over the initial shock a bit and have stopped crying every time I think about it, I'm trying to get creative. How can I live in both places? Any ideas, send them my way. ;) 

So, this holiday season is tinged with all sorts of funky emotions over here so far. But WOW, what a weird gift it all is, because I'm just letting myself feel it all, whatever it is I need to feel, not shoving my emotions down and just powering through, and I'm really feeling the grief. I'm also paying attention, trying to discern the messages I'm supposed to hear, the lessons I'm supposed to learn, and to listen to Spirit instead of trying to control everything. To trust that my way is being prepared for me. This is not really the way I've operated in the past. (The not controlling part is not going so well so far, haha.)

Anyway. I'm not really sure what the point of this post is. Just to honor my dad and to honor myself, I guess. We're all doing the best that we can in these precious human lives -- it's easy to forget that. But it sure does help me to forgive (myself and others) and to open my heart little by little when I remember it.

Happy December 8th, friends. May you feel what you need to feel today, and not apologize for it.

above: by Annie Gonzales

I wanted to share some of the patterns that my Pattern Campers have shared recently in our Facebook group, because they are getting more stunning and complex by the day. I'm so impressed with all they've created in such a short time!

above: by Jocasta Norman

above: by Rhonda Mullins

above: by Tiffany Mura

above: by Michelle Allen

above: by Julie Capehart

above: by Amie Kelson

above: by Rachael Schafer

above: by Elaine Styles

above: by Maria Stropheus

So beautiful, right?

Pattern Camp is happening again on February 7-8, 2015. Registration opens January 6th. If you'd like to join us for this next round, jump on the list, and you'll be able to register early (and at a special price, of course!).

Hope you have a great weekend!

Hi friends! I have a couple fun new things to share with you today. Firstly, my Goal + Intention Kit has been newly updated for 2015! This is a big hit each year as people begin to create their plans of attack for the coming year -- why not do it in a fun and pretty way? (That usually helps take some of the resistance out of big, scary tasks like working on planning an entire year.) ;)

Here's a peek at a few of the pages: 

You can check out some more pages and get more info about what's in the kit right here. It'll help you get organized so you can start 2015 running and stay on top of your goals, dreams, and intentions; no more setting goals and forgetting about them in February! (Does anyone else do that every single year?)

Next up, I'm excited to let you know that I'm offering gift wrap in my shop this year! Last year I partnered with a wonderful Portland-based company called HokeyPokey Press (we serendipitously met at Surtex in 2013) to create some really cool and innovative Wrap Packs, and now this year you can pick them up right in my shop.

Wrap Packs are cool pads that you can hang behind a door, to keep your paper organized and crumple-free. (I for one always find rolls of gift wrap shoved in the back of a closet that's crushed and unusable!)

Each pack has 10 sheets of 24 x 36" wrap, in 2 each of 5 designs. There are also 14 perforated paper ribbons and 14 perforated gift tags on the back sheet of the pad that mix & match with the graphic designs, so each present you wrap will be unique, yet coordinated! So fun.

You can find the Bear Pack (above) right here, and the Candy Pack (below) right here.

These will ship directly from HokeyPokey, AND shipping is free within the USA. Yes! If you decide to wrap your gifts in my designs this year, I would *love* to see photos. :)

Happy Wednesday!

Over the weekend I took a sewing class at Modern Domestic (arguably the coolest fabric shop ever) with a couple of my friends to learn how to make zippered pouches.

You guys! It was so fun! Now all I want to do is sew. I'd never sewn a zipper before (my mom always told me it was really hard!), so I was happy to finally face that head on and learn how to do it. And obviously, it was not very hard it all. (Isn't that always how it goes with the things we've avoided forever?)

The pouch above is the one that I made, using my Geometriska fabric. My friend Elisabeth (middle) used some fabric from my Sardinia collection, and Suzanne (right) used an awesome design by my friend Sarah Watts, who is one of the fantastic designers behind the brand new fabric company Cotton & Steel. I think they might have the best collections of fabric on the market right now, no lie.

Anyway, part of the class involved learning how to use a serger, which OMG I totally want one now!! A serger does this kind of thing:

It was SO fun. Making a few more pouches is on my list of things to do today -- who knows, if I end up really liking it, they make their way into my shop!

I'd like to try my hand at making some pouches like this, too:

I found this image on pinterest, and I totally love them!! I see pouches as Christmas gifts in my future...
I'm feeling really inspired to get better at sewing and learn how to make all kinds of fun things. My ultimate goal is to learn how to make a dress like this one, which is my favorite dress ever.


In other news: Ryan and I will find out tomorrow morning whether or not we'll spend the next 3 years in Portland or not. He's almost done with his Internal Medicine residency and will be moving on to fellowship next, as he ultimately wants to do Critical Care medicine, working in the ICU. I reaaaaaaaally want to stay in Portland, and we're both hoping he matches here so we get to stay put! It works in such a nerve-wracking way -- you rank the programs where you interviewed, and the programs rank the people they interviewed, and then a computer matches everyone up to one program only, based on the highest mutual match; where you match, you go. Tomorrow is the big day when all the prospective fellows find out where they've matched. I'm feeling so nervous this morning! T minus 23 hours until we find out.... wish me luck!

Happy December and Happy Cyber Monday!

Today only, because you're awesome and I appreciate you, you can get 20% off everything in my shop.

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