Have you seen the brand new website Create-ologie?

Well, some of the products from my new line with Creative Co-op are making their way onto the site, and I wanted to share them with you, because I think some of you might want to scoop some of this stuff up (especially the clipboards)!

New stuff is added to Create-ologie all the time, so I'm keeping my eye out for what else of mine is going to pop up. Just click on the images in this post to go directly to each product on the Create-ologie website.

Aren't these clips the cutest? Look:


All this stuff is just plain useful. I love a good pretty + useful thingamajig. Buckets and tins and cups galore! And in pretty patterns and colors, I find them pretty hard to resist (though I did create the art, so I guess that's understandable...!)



Notebooks! With my birds on them. So fun.

Enjoy, and I'll keep you posted on what else surfaces over on Create-ologie!

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