Oh my gosh, you guys, I am so so SO excited to show you these photos from Atlanta. My brand new gift line with Creative Co-op just launched, and my mom and I went to check it out in person. (That's my mom up there! Most people thought we were sisters all weekend... I don't know why, because obviously we look nothing alike. Ha, yeah right!)

Everything looked so wonderful-- I can't wait for my samples to arrive! There were buckets and tins and trays and coasters and wall art and a shelf and a stool and clip boards and zipper pouches and more!

OH, and 2 embroidered pillows! They have secret messages on the back:

I'm not sure where you'll be able to buy this stuff yet, but I'll keep you posted! Creative Co-op sells to a lot of different shops and boutiques around the country, so I'm excited to keep my eye out for it around town. If you see anything from the line in your favorite shops, send me a pic! That would be so awesome.

I also visited the Anna Griffin/Blend showroom and their new spot within the Daniel Richards showroom, where they had my Blomma bags and accessories displayed:

The craziest part is, guess who else Daniel Richards represents? Oh, only 2 of my product idols: Jonathan Adler and Kate Spade. For REAL! I couldn't believe it when I walked in, seeing my stuff right in the same area with Jonathan Adler's. Dream come true!!

Here are some of my bags in the Anna Griffin showroom window:

And last but not least, I met up with my pals from Case-Mate, who also had a booth at the show. They had several of my current cases on display:

It was a great trip. I had a couple of fortuitous meetings as well that will hopefully be bringing new and exciting Jessica Swift products in the near future. Can't wait to tell you all about that if/when it works out. Fingers crossed!

Hope you like the new Creative Co-op products!

{above: 'Sound Your Call' print available here}

I've been thinking a lot lately about confidence. About stepping more fully into my own voice. About allowing myself time to rest and not feel guilty about it. About doing my best to live in the moment. Some days I do well, others are more of a struggle. But I guess that's life, right? A constant practice and a funny little dance of moving forward and backward, learning lessons.

That's what my most recent paintings are about.

I went to the World Domination Summit over the weekend, and, as weird as this is going to sound, it made me realize where I'm not stepping up in my life -- where I shrink back, where I let myself get roped into doing something I don't want to do, where I let people overstep my boundaries, where I don't step forward when I want to. And I totally don't mean this in a negative way-- it was actually really eye opening in a super cool and good way.

There was a lot of talk at the conference about owning your story, and about living a remarkable life in an ordinary world, about asking for what you want/need and risking, about being brave. Many of the speakers dove right into personal stories of times they felt shame, or made mistakes, or failed, of when they were really scared but got into action anyway. It was really inspiring. My favorite people are ones who are humble, and maybe a little bit self-depricating, but in a way that you can tell they actually find themselves quite charming. Do you know what I mean? Like, not self-depricating in an "I suck" kind of way, but in a way that shows you they don't take themselves too seriously and they get that everyone makes mistakes and that we're all in this together. Darren Rowse's talk was like that. He was just so cool.

{above: 'Rest Here' print available here}

There was one particular moment that was really impactful for me. It might seem insignificant, but it was a real turning point. Hopefully it'll make a difference for someone reading this, too, because it sure made a difference for me!

So, Don Miller was the last speaker at the conference, and he was FANTASTIC, as I mentioned yesterday. I learned that he was from Oregon, and I wondered if he lived in Portland. The next thought that crossed my mind was "Wow, I'd love to have dinner with him and become his friend. Wouldn't that be so cool?" And immediately the negative self-talk kicked in: "Who do you think you are? He's a best-selling author! Why would he want to be friends with you?" "You must be crazy, he's way smarter than you -- what in the world would you talk about?" That sort of thing. Sound familiar? I think we probably all have those kinds of thoughts sometimes. They're so annoying!


And what I realized in that moment was this: I let that kind of negative chatter stop me from all kinds of things. Without even noticing it while it's happening! But when I noticed those thoughts and paid attention to them, and I realized they were just coming from a place of fear and self-doubt, that helped dispel them a bit and took some of their power away. And that opened up a tiny space where some creativity could come in -- "OK, if I were to try to make Don Miller be my friend and have dinner with me, what would be the first step?"  Dispelling fears brings about new questions.

And I also realized this: I don't want to be someone who lets that negative inner voice decide what I do, who I get to be friends with, or what's possible for me. I want to make bold moves and have amazing experiences! Yeah, it's a scarier way of living, but I think you miss a lot by not living that way. And, according to Jia Jiang, another speaker at the conference, if you just get brave enough to ask, people will often surprise you and say YES. Huh, imagine that?!


So, unfortunately I probably won't ask Don Miller to dinner, because he actually lives in Washington DC, but you can bet that I'm going to start reading his blog, and who knows? Maybe we can become internet friends. :)

{above: 'You Are Here' print available here}

When my sister was here last weekend for our photo shoot, the first things we photographed were my Blomma bags, made by my fabric company, Blend.

We shlepped everything to the PSU Farmers' Market and snapped as many photos as we could in between people walking by! It was a challenge, but really fun.

Once we got tired of dodging people, we found a nice, quiet spot nearby to take some garden-like photos. Portland is so lush, with so much plant-life -- the perfect background for my summery orange and pink bags!

We got stopped so many times by people wondering what the big green poofs were and where at the Farmers' Market we had gotten them. Surprise! They're plastic. :) Aren't they so cool? 

There are many more smaller accessories and bags in the Blomma line, still to be photographed, but I thought I'd give you a peek! (More photos from our photo shoot can be found here.)

Also, if you'd like to check out the whole line and buy a Blomma bag or whatnot, they're all available for purchase right here.

Happy 4th of July tomorrow if you're here in the USA, and happy summer!

I snapped a few pics while I was painting yesterday....

I love seeing my paintings all piled up, accumulating one by one. Color galore!

This is one that I finished yesterday:

It started off really lovely, with the loose, sketchy polar bear, then it went through a really awkward stage where it looked weird and I didn't know what to do with it (and it sat facing backwards against a wall for a couple months!), and then one day I picked it up again and painted over the entire left side in one big, bold, brave move. It's scary to paint over something, even when it's not working, but it's so liberating each time I do it! And often my favorite paintings come out of painting over old or ugly paintings. This one is no exception! It's one of my new faves.

And here's one in progress, to be worked on this afternoon:

Man, I love painting.
I love color.
Sometimes it amazes me that this is my job. Whoa.

Hope you have the best day! Also:

{I love Bill Murray}


You guys, today is an exciting day -- my iPad cases are now officially available!

My sis and I took some pics over the weekend (isn't she cute?), and I got them all listed in my shop yesterday afternoon. We also made that fun rotating gif at the top -- can you see that it's a different iPad case with each step? So fun.

There are 12 cases to choose from, for both the iPad and iPad Mini! (I'm currently using this one on my own iPad.)

I couldn't be more thrilled with the cases. They're really cool, because the fit snugly right onto the back of your iPad, so they feel really sleek and sturdy. Plus, they're obviously super bright and colorful, which is totally my jam, so they make me happy.

Brighten up your iPad, brighten up your day. :)

My little sister was here this past weekend so we could do a photo shoot together. She was one of the models in for my rain boot photo shoot last year, and since she's so adorable I asked her to come model for me again for some different products. iPhone cases, iPad cases (coming soon!), and some pretty floral bags.

The difference this time, though, is that I was the photographer.... eek! I'm definitely a novice, so it was a scary prospect. Photography has been something I've struggled with for a long time, so lately I've been trying to become better friends with my camera so I can take control. And I think it's working! We had the best time, and a lot of the photos turned out really well -- we even made the fun iPhone rotating gif above!

Here's a sneak peek at a couple photos from the shoot:

By the way, I put some brand new iPhone cases in the shop -- you can see them all in the rotating graphic at the top!

Also: iPad cases are coming to the shop soon, too. YES. Stay tuned! (And yes, there's a fun rotating gif for those, too.....)


Last month at Surtex I met with Check Advantage, to chat about licensing my artwork for personal checks, address labels, and checkbook covers.

I'm super psyched to tell you today that, because they're AWESOME and speedy over there at Check Advantage, my checks are already available for purchase!

The Check Advantage website is really easy to navigate, and I have 6 different collections (mostly new prints, never been seen before!) of checks, address labels, and checkbook covers available. 

I can't wait to start using these myself. I don't write to many checks, but it'll be so fun to send checks with my own designs when I do. And I won't be sad to say bye-bye to my ugly forest green plastic checkbook cover!

Here are 3 of my pretty ones that are available:


They're made out of leather! How cool is that?

If you're in need of some pretty new checks, labels, or a checkbook cover, these just might strike your fancy! They're so pretty in person. You can find my entire collection and purchase on the Check Advantage website.

I put 4 new iPhone cases in the shop over the weekend! These are some of my favorites that I've collaborated on with Case-Mate, and I love how bright they are-- perfect for summertime!

You can also get them for a variety of other phones on the Case-Mate website.

More new ones coming soon.....

Hello, strangers! One day I'm going to get it together enough to have blog posts scheduled while I'm away. It feels irresponsible to not post anything for a week! Ahhhh. Well, the good news is that I have Surtex booth photos to share today. Color color color.

My week in NYC was a whirlwind, omg. From the tiniest of hotel rooms (like, a closet with bunkbeds in it, I'm not even joking) shared with my friend Sarah, to seeing Michelle and celebrating the upcoming launch of our book together! in person!, to meeting new potential clients, to meeting soooo many of you who read my blog and have read my e-book (thank you for stopping by to say hello!) and were there checking out Surtex as potential exhibitors, it was a wonderful, exhausting, and fun-filled trip.

It's taken a few days of recovery, but I'm finally feeling back to my normal self! (I'm an introvert to the core, so a week of non-stop people is really grueling for me, even though it's fun at the same time. I haven't talked to anyone but Ryan since Thursday! If you think I'm exaggerating, I'm not. Ha! I'm a hermit through and through.)


Here's how my booth looked when I showed up:

Hello, white walls.

I took a red-eye flight on Friday night, so I could catch a bit of Quilt Market, which was here in Portland (I'll show you some photos tomorrow!)-- why the trade show organizers overlap these two shows every year, I'll never know. I got maybe 2 hours of half-sleep during the flight, so you can imagine how cracked out I felt when I showed up to the Javits Center on Saturday morning, bright and early. But a cup of coffee and some excitement pulled me through, and I got to work.

Here's how my booth looked a few hours later:

Voila! Loaded with color. My favorite part was the shelves of products, which I've never had in previous years of exhibiting. It was so cool to see so many things all stacked up with my art on them! It definitely drew people into my booth, too-- especially the rain boots!

One girl who walked by loved them so much, and the pair I had with me on display happened to be her size, that I couldn't resist making a deal with her. I told her if she came back at the end of the show on Tuesday, I'd sell them to her for half price. Win win! She gets a deal, and I don't have to ship them home.

And she totally showed up on Tuesday afternoon! Look how adorable she was:

She was so happy, and it made my day. :)

So now all the follow-up that comes along with Surtex begins-- sending jpegs, sending emails, talking about potential licensing deals.... there's some definite potential for awesome partnerships in the people/companies I met, so we'll see what happens. This is the fun part!

What about you-- did you have a good week? What happened while I was away? Tell me one awesome thing that happened in your life in the comments! I'd love to hear.

Oh my goodness, it's hard to believe it's almost time for Surtex. I'm hopping on a plane at 11pm tonight (yep, a red-eye. Fun fun.) and will arrive in NYC tomorrow morning to go set up my booth. Hopefully a big cup of coffee and all the adrenaline of setting up for the show will be enough to pull me through tomorrow-- I've only ever taken one red-eye before, and it was ROUGH the next day!

The reason that I'm taking a red-eye flight is so I can pop over to Quilt Market, which started today, because it's happening in Portland this time around. Lucky me! My fabric company, Blend, has a booth there, and I'll get to see my newest fabric line, Sardinia, in the booth. Exciting! It'll be fun to wander the aisles and see what's new and happening in the fabric world. I can't wait to visit Amy Butler's booth-- it's always so gorgeous.


So, I'll be taking a little blogging break while I'm away, but if you want to follow along and get some inside peeks into Surtex and Quilt Market, you can join me on Instagram! I'll be snapping pics along the way during both shows, so if you want an inside peek into what they're both like, you'll be able to find it there.

I'll be back next Thursday night. Until then, have a lovely, inspired, relaxing, productive weekend and coming week!


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