Last month I mentioned that I'd be teaching a couple of workshops, and I wanted to give you guys some more details about them today. One of them is right around the corner!

First up:

Next week, Thursday January 23, I'm teaching a surface design workshop right here in Portland with WeMake. The cost is just $25 -- I'll be teaching participants how to hand-carve rubber block stamps (which I use in the backgrounds of my paintings), and then we'll print on paper with our stamps, scan them into the computer, and then I'll be demonstrating how to create a digital repeat pattern. The pattern will be comprised of all the stamps that are carved throughout the evening! It should be a good time. Sign up if you're in or near Portland -- I'd love to meet you!


I'm teaching 3 days of workshops in Denver this September during the first-annual Art Makers Denver event. The early bird registration opens tomorrow, January 15th, and it's a sweet deal for 3 days of workshops, lunch, and an end-of-the-day soiree each day --- just $495. You can sign up for a workshop with me, and there are lots of other artists teaching as well. Check out the website for more info! I'd love to meet you there as well. We'll be getting our paint on!

Let me know if you have any q's about either of these workshops. They're going to be fun fun fun!

Goodness, what a whirlwind of a weekend I just had, you guys. I got home from Atlanta last night, where I was checking out the gift show and my brand new Christmas 2014 line with Midwest-CBK


Do I even need to say anything else? The display was beyond. I think it pretty much sums up my work, don't you think? Color color color, sparkle, and happiness! I absolutely cannot wait to see this stuff in stores once Christmas rolls around again.


I got to do my first-ever artist signings while at the show -- Midwest made bags with my art on them to give away, and they were the talk of the show! I got to see people walking all around the show carrying them. So fun. Here are the bags:


I couldn't get over the glittery suitcase and that fantastic tree they created:


WANT! There's a selection of patterned paper lanterns and fun banners in the line:



And so many ornaments! There are more, but some of my photos were blurry. Below are a chunk of them:



And the deer head. I DIE.



Plus a glossy tray and glossy, glittery wall art, above and below.


I love this fuzzy shot for some reason:


And of course I had to snap a few pics of Atlanta, my old home turf. It was fun to be back for a few days:



I'm sorry to tease you with these images in January, right after Christmas -- but look what we all have to look forward to for Christmas this year! I'm so very excited. 

If you're a retailer and would like to order some stuff from this line for the holidays, you can contact Midwest-CBK directly here.

Hope you love it all!

You guyyyyyys! I have been waiting for this day for MONTHS. Months!

My brand new spiral journals and inspirational frame magnets are finally here.
I could not be more excited about and proud of them. The journals have lovely printed inner pages as well as very sturdy hardboard covers, printed on both sides.

Take a peek!

This is the 'Believe' journal:

This is the 'Be Luminous' journal

And this is the 'Possibility' journal:

And the magnets! These are pretty awesome, too, and will make your fridge look so happy and fun:

I hope you love them! I love starting a new notebook at the beginning of a new year... I'm working on finishing up my current notebook, and I'm trying to choose which of these 4 will be my first 2014 notebook. Maybe the 'Possibility' one... it's hard to decide!

I'm headed to Atlanta on Thursday for the Gift Show, and you guys, this is maybe the most excited I've ever been to go to this show. Last year at Surtex I met Margo, the amazing and wonderful creative director at Midwest-CBK, and in a whirlwind of activity after seeing her again in Atlanta this past July, we decided to whip up a Christmas line that would launch in 2014.

It was a tall order, with just 5 months to go from start to launch, but LOOK! We did it! I got to do the easy part -- supplying all the artwork -- while they worked away designing the products and getting them manufactured. And I have to say, they are truly something. (The products AND the people who made it happen. Thank you Midwest team for creating such a gorgeous line with my work and making my dreams come true!)

I can't wait to share pics from the show. There are so many great Christmas goodies in the line -- follow me on Instagram if you want sneak peeks through the weekend! 

It's funny posting this Christmas stuff right after Christmas just ended, but that's the way it goes in the world of wholesale. You'll be able to find these items in stores for Christmas 2014.


If you'll be in Atlanta at the show and want to swing by the Midwest-CBK showroom, I'll be there on Friday and Saturday from 3-4pm, signing bags (which also have my art on them. Hello, awesome!) and chatting it up with whoever wants to hang out with me. :) It'd be great to meet you!

Repeat patterns are my true love. I don't think I'll ever tire of making them. I've made hundreds and hundreds, and I'm sure there are hundreds more waiting to come out!

I can't remember why, but I was looking through my portfolio the other day, and as I went through each pattern collection I kept thinking "I'm sick of this one, I'm sick of that one" -- guess that means it's time to make some new work, eh?

Looking back through my work always kickstarts my creativity -- I'm not sure what it is about browsing through my own archives.... it's like it helps me remember who I am as an artist, and it helps inspire new ideas. How weird that looking at old work inspires new ideas. Maybe it's that I'm filling my head with my own images, so it helps block comparison or doubting thoughts and instead opens the creative floodgates to let new work come through. I'm not sure.


Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my very favorite patterns I've created with you today. These are my tried and true! No matter how old they are and no matter how many times I see them or use them for products, I never get tired of them. I don't know what it is about these ones, but they sing to me over and over.

(The last few below are newer ones, created in 2013, so we'll see if they stand the test of time...!)


At the top: Circus Bears (2009)
Second from top: Shalimar (2010)
Above: Masoud (2010)


Above: Anka (2010)


Above: Samantha (2010)


Above: Preeti (2011)


Above: Badria (2011)


Above: Sparre (2012)


Above : Rosalia (2013)


Above: Arctic Spring (2013)


Above: Esmerelda (2013)


Above: Skybird (2013)

I've thought since 2009 when I created that Circus Bears pattern at the top that it would make the cutest pajamas, but it hasn't come to pass yet. Pajama manufacturers! Are you reading this? That pattern would make the cutest pjs! Email me. :)

Happy Friday, friends! Hope you'll be doing something festive and fun.

For some reason workshops have been coming up for me a lot lately. I haven't had much interest in teaching them for a long time, but I'm changing my tune for 2014....

I'll be teaching 3 days of workshops in Denver (in my home state!) at the inaugural Art Makers Denver event in September -- my workshop is called Jump Trust Paint. (Which is a good name for a future online painting course, too, don't you think?)

Put it on your calendar now if this is something you might want to do -- registration will open in January. More details to come in the new year.


I'm also going to Morocco in April with my dear friend Caroline Douglas for a joint workshop/adventure in clay and paint and travel -- this isn't something we're announcing publicly, really, but we do have a few spots open for the right people.... If something tugged at your heart and said a big YES as you read this -- email me and I will send you details! Perhaps you'd like to join us on a Moroccan adventure?


And lastly, if you're in Portland, I'll be teaching a print-making/pattern-making workshop in late January with WeMake in their brand new (gorgeous) space at Tillamook Station. Should be a fun, interactive, and inexpensive evening -- more details to come!

I finally started Christmas shopping over the weekend. It's a fun challenge to try to find the perfect, meaningful gifts for everyone on my list! I made a small dent and got a couple great things, but I've got a long way to go. Ryan and I have a day-long Christmas shopping date planned this Wednesday (he has only Wednesdays off this month. Oh, the life of a resident physician.), and hopefully we'll be able to get everything done that day, so we can ship it all off to our families in time for Christmas. 

Are you still looking for meaningful gifts for the people on your list? I have some suggestions!
I've got lots of colorful items in my shop that are colorful, meaningful, and fun.


1 // Inspirational notebooks -- perfect for the big dreamers in your life. Help them start manifesting what they want in 2014!

2 // Hand-painted, one-of-a-kind Christmas ornaments -- who doesn't love getting new Christmas ornaments? Especially when you tell them no one else in the world has their same ornament!

3 // Ganesh pocket mirror -- Ganesh is the remover of obstacles. Gift him to someone who needs a little bit of loving support!

4 // Prints prints prints -- These are messages straight from my heart, with meaningful messages hidden within. Gift someone an inspirational image to remind them how wonderful they are.

5 // 2014 calendars -- brighten up someone's entire year with my pretty patterned calendar. Happy color lifts moods, you know.

6 // Lavender 'Make A Wish' eye pillows -- a perfect gift for the yogi in your life. Each pillow comes with 4 small cards for writing in your dreams and intentions, so they'll sink in while you're sleeping or resting in Savasana!


1 // Inspirational screen prints -- frame it up and give it to someone you love for a special, visual reminder!

2 // Sea elves -- a perfect gift for someone who needs a little support and magic in her life. Each sea elf comes infused with a special, secret energy, written on a small card within his box. Invite magic to flow!

3 // Christmas cards -- have you sent yours out yet? I have 4 pretty cards to choose from, sold in sets of 10 and as single cards. There's still time to order, write, and send them out!

4 // iPhone cases -- everyone loves to dress up their phones these days. Perfect gifts for the color-lovers in your life!

5 // Fabric fat quarters -- hello, sewing enthusiasts! Gift those fabric lovers in your life some fat quarters of my fabric to add to their stash. They'll love you forever.

6 // Patterned glasses cases -- perfect gift for a mom-on-the-go, these flexible cases are easy to toss in your purse and go, protecting your glasses with colorful style.


ps -  the last day to order is next Wednesday, December 18th -- all orders must be placed by 8am PST to ensure delivery in time for Christmas. (iPhone cases must be ordered by this Friday, December 13th.)

Let me know if you have any questions!


pps - my e-book, Jump Trust Repeat, will be on sale this Thursday, December 12th, for one day only. $49 instead of $77! Mark your calendars. This will be available as a gift certificate, too, if you'd like to purchase the e-book as a gift -- details to come on Thursday. :)

I wanted to share some official rug images with you, now that they're up on the Chandra website. Major excitement over here!
I mean, you guys, my name is right there underneath Amy Butler's in the website menu. Whaaaat?! Dream come true.

These here are some of my favorites. I can't wait to get that grey one (above) into my house. I will find the perfect spot for it. I think it's my top fave of the whole bunch.


Pretty ginkgo leaves!

And banana leaves!

And some other kind of made-up leaves! Apparently I like leaves.

If you're a retailer and want to carry these rugs in your store, you can contact the kind folks at Chandra directly to order. 

If you're someone who wants a rug in your home, I'm not sure where you can purchase them yet, but I'll share links as soon as I know. I can't wait to start seeing photos of these in people's homes.... oh, the anticipation....

So much new stuff to share today, you guys!

First up: Christmas ornaments. YES.

Each ornament is one-of-a-kind. I hand-painted them (using ceramic paint markers) and then baked them in the oven, so they are ready to make your Christmas tree shine with bold, graphic loveliness!

There are black, red, and green ornaments. Each has its own name! (Because you know I love naming things.)

My personal favorites: MerrieLucinda, Gia, and North.

Oh, I hope you like them! I've got some more blank ornaments ready to be painted, so if these fly off the virtual shelves of my shop, there will be more. BUt if you see one you like, grab it! Because it's the one and only.

Next up: Christmas cards.

There are 4 different cards to choose from, available as single cards ($4) or as boxed sets of 10 ($22) and are A7 size (5 x 7").

The cards are professionally printed right here in Portland, OR on lovely 100% white matte coated cover stock; each card comes paired with a lovely kraft brown envelope.

Just click on each image above to go directly to that product.

Or, all the Super New Wednesday stuff is conveniently in the 'WHAT'S NEW' section of my shop as well, for easy finding.

Happy almost-holidays! It's hard to believe it's that time of year again, isn't it?
Hope you like the new Christmas goodies. :)

Back in May, while exhibiting at Surtex, a lovely woman stopped by my booth on her way out of the show and decided to take a peek at my portfolios. We chatted for a few minutes, and she told me she was doing research for a new product she was thinking of developing, and we discovered that, suurprisingly, we both live in Portland. Serendipity!

She took my card and said she'd get in touch when we were both back in town, and that was that. I didn't know anything about what she was up to or what her new product was all about, but I liked her, and I remember thinking that I'd probably hear from her again.

Well, not only did I hear from her again (that's her above, Sue, on the left), I started working with she and Lynnette (on the right, above) shortly after Surtex, on their brand new wrapping paper concept.

The company: HokeyPokey Press. The product: Wrap Pack.

I immediately loved the idea -- pads of wrapping paper that hang on the back of a door, to make storage easier and to eliminate those rolls of gift wrap that get all wrecked in the back of a closet and are then unusable (I have 2 of those rolls in the back of our coat closet right now!).

What makes the product even cooler is that on the back of the pad is a perforated sheet of bands and tags, which coordinate with the wrapping paper sheets within the pad, to create a full gift-wrapping solution.

Brilliant, right?

We had fun meeting and choosing designs, and Sue and Lynnette loved printing them out and wrapping boxes of cereal and pasta, and then we'd all stand back to see which ones worked best together. There were color changes and design changes, and once everything was said and done, 3 different Christmas pads came to life, 2 of them filled with my designs. Dream come true!

Sue and Lynnette didn't want to wait for the Stationery Show to roll around again before they could launch the pads, so they came up with a creative temporary solution, to get the pads in front of customers, to get their feedback, and to start getting the product out in the world asap: A mall kiosk!

All the photos above are from the kiosk, which is at the lovely Washington Square Mall in Tigard, OR (just outside of Portland). Doesn't it look amazing?? Ryan and I went to check it out over the weekend and were blown away by how great the kiosk looks.

If you're in Portland, please go check it out (and buy some wrapping paper, obviously!). They'll be at the kiosk through December.

Sue and Lynnette have big plans, and the 3 of us will be meeting soon about Spring prints and beyond. They'll be launching at the Stationery Show in 2014, and I have a feeling HokeyPokey Press is going to be a smash success in a short amount of time! I love being part of this new company from the ground up. Sue and Lynnette are the greatest to work with, and I love that it all began with a chance meeting at Surtex.

One of the coolest parts of the process so far was going on the press checks at the printer and learning all about offset printing.

We got to see the paper being printed, and we asked the press guys a million questions. (They secretly loved it, I think!) Here are the plates for one of the sheets of bands/tags after printing:

And the ink on the rollers:

Above is one of the cover sheets, coming out of the press. And here we are, checking the colors on one of the cover sheets:

Each one of those green lights at the bottom controls a 1 inch band of color, and they can adjust the amount of each color ink that's printed, to get exactly the colors you want. It was fascinating!

We even got a tour of their giant press, which was in the middle of printing millions of newspaper inserts for Black Friday -- that press can print 50,000 pages in an hour. Whoa!

Here I am after we'd finalized the cover sheet and the sheet of bands/tags for one of the pads:

It was a real thrill to see the finished product after the printing! I honestly couldn't be happier about being part of HokeyPokey.

It's exciting to see something that was just an idea Sue and Lynnette told me about over coffee 6 months ago actually come to life, and in such a short amount of time. I couldn't be more grateful to work with them and to see my designs burst into the world in such a fun and festive way.

Check out the HokeyPokey website to see all the designs in more detail and to learn more about the Wrap Packs. 

The paper is gorgeous, glossy, and thick, all printed right here in Oregon. Oh, and there's a really cool infographic that I created on the back of each sheet, full of gift-giving facts. It's super fun. Here's a (slightly blurry) peek, on the red and white wrapped gift:

I hope you like it! 

(Also: can you even believe it's already time to start thinking about the holidays? Crazy.)

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