I'm on a quest to inspire everyone on the planet to pursue their wild + colorful dreams... and never give up.

How? With powerful and vibrant artwork, colorful rain boots with secret messages, an inspiration-and-practical-tips-filled e-book for aspiring artists, and too many other things to list! (Check them out here.)

We're meant to think BIG, to be bold + brave in our lives, and to give ourselves permission to do what makes our hearts sing. No matter what.

Color affects our moods in big ways and art can speak to us and capture truths + feelings in ways that words simply can't. 

I want to inject your life with positive color, happy-inducing images, and brave, bold, passion-filled moves. Through art and color!

My main aim? To add happiness, play, and light-heartedness to the world.

To create everyday moments of happiness in YOUR life.

To help you give yourself permission to be supremely, uniquely YOU, and to live the best, most colorful life that you can possibly imagine. And beyond!

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