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100 Messages To Myself

In August 2018 my life changed dramatically when my husband Ryan suddenly died. I was a few months pregnant at the time. In January 2019 my life changed again when my baby girl was born, 16 days early, on her daddy’s birthday. Magic. It’s been a strange, sad, beautiful, delightful, heart-breaking, confusing, gratitude-filled, life-altering 15 months for me. Creating nearly daily art has been one of the main ways I’ve tuned in to my feelings and to myself as I’ve moved forward in the new version of my life.

In the months after Ryan died, I worked on a healing and cathartic project that I called 100 Thank Yous. It was a series of 100 rainbow paintings that were a visual celebration of my gratitude for all the love and care that poured my way when my life turned completely upside down. Through the creation of those paintings I realized how healing creating art is for me. I’ve always used art-making as a way to tap into what’s going on in my internal world and as a way to connect to unseen forces, but something different has happened for me in these past 15 months. My art-making time has become a sacred time for tuning in to myself. Back in March 2019 I started a project called 100 Messages To Myself, creating and sharing daily art centered around a message I wanted to offer to myself each day. What I’ve discovered during this project is that the messages that come through during my sacred creative time not only help me immensely, but other people seem to benefit from my sharing my artwork and my words/thoughts as well. An added bonus that I never really expected!

It’s impossible to express how grateful I am for the opportunity to share my story, my feelings, my struggles, the lessons I’m learning, and to have a space to connect. I’m grateful that you’re here reading this now and for the chance to offer you some comfort, love, support, and a reminder that you’re absolutely not alone. I hope you love this series of artwork and that you find some meaning in it for yourself.

I am 50 paintings in to my second series of 100 images for this project and thought it appropriate to offer them to you at Thanksgiving time again, just like I did with the rainbow paintings last year, just in time for holiday gift-giving in this season of gratitude and love.

Original paintings, framed prints, and unframed prints are available.

Nearly everything is limited in quantity, so if you see something you like, scoop it up. These things tend to go quickly. (Last year the 100 rainbow paintings were all sold out before lunch time. True story!)




“Dare to love yourself as if you were a rainbow with gold at both ends.” ― Aberjhani