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Oh Pantone, I wish I lived in Europe…

Oh boy, do I wish I lived in Europe right now. I was just checking out the Spring 2011 Pantone Color Trend PDF, and at the end there was a page about the Pantone Hotel in Brussels, Belgium.

Good lord, how badly do I want to go there? BADLY. Pantone can take over the world for all I care. Look, you can even get a Pantone credit card:

If you’re obsessed with color (as I am), you should probably go download the PDf. If’s super-inspiring and filled with fabulous fashion illustrations. Like this one:

Honeysuckle is supposedly THE color for Spring, which is perfect because that variety of pink is one of my faves!

Do check it out– it’s a great way to while away a bit of a slow Friday morning…. I know I’m on the slow side of waking up this morning. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday, and we went out for a nice dinner which turned out to be incredibly RICH and filled with cream and butter and the works. I promptly fell asleep when we got home. We didn’t even have room to eat any of the adorable brownie cake I made for him:

I guess we’ll have to eat it tonight instead! (After a good work out, of course.)

Happy weekend! I’m going to the Atlanta Gift Show tomorrow, so I’ll try to get some good pics to post next week!

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  1. Nathalie January 16, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

    Dear Jessica, I live in Belgium. My husband is italian. My three best friends are dutch, french and spanish. But boy, do I wish I lived in the US!

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