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The Declaration of You

The Declaration of You is an e-course that my friend Michelle Ward and I created together in 2010. We run the course several times a year (it’s so much fun!), and we also created an illustrated workbook version of the e-course! Interested in learning more and joining us? Read on!

  • a unique log-in for our private course site where you can create a profile & interact with other members (including the 3 of us, who you can read about on The Declaration of You website).
  • new posts and exercises four days a week that’ll guide you in penning your own Declaration of You! We’ll be diving into our perspectives around Enthusiasm, Celebration, Uniquity, Trust, Intention, Self-Care, Success and Money, banishing the Uh-Oh Feeling that usually comes from these Big Life Topics. Won’t it be so fun to find a new perspective to embrace that’s based on your thoughts, ideas, values and opinions? Obviously, that’s a totally hypothetical question. Of course it would! And we promise – we know it sounds scary, but it’s way less so the way we do it. Promise.
  • a special surprise post every Friday where Jess, Michelle  and/or Pierre François Frédéric might make videos, answer questions, and make up new songs.
  • multiple printable downloads to help you work through the exercises quickly and efficiently, along with a fill-in-the-blanks Declaration that’ll be waiting for you at the end of the course – all designed by Jess herself!
  • getting to see Pierre François Frédéric in multiple outfits on top of multiple animals. We’re curious as to what he’ll be wearing/ riding next, too!


You can get all of the in-depth exercises, illustrated worksheets and fun videos that are in the e-course, but without the whole having-to-do-it-with-other-people-around / wait-around-for-the-next-ecourse part in our printable illustrated workbook!

The workbook will help you uncover your own definitions/ideas/values/perspective around enthusiasm, money, success, uniquity (yes, that’s a made-up word – we do it often and encourage it!), intention, self-care, success, money, celebration, and trust – all leading you to The Declaration of You! Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents, as well as just a handful of the wonderful worksheets that’ll be included, so you can see what kind of stuff will be covered in the book:


For $59 USD, you’ll receive:

  • an 81-page, fully-illustrated and color-filled PDF, all designed by ME!
  • an instant download, so you’ll have the e-book in your Inbox moments after you purchase it.
  • password-protected video links for extra goodness around each topics, elaborating on the topics given and the work/ questions/ answers/ roadblocks that come along with them. You’ll also get a link to the corresponding audio in case you wanna listen on-the-go.
  • an Extra!Extra! chapter to go with each topic, so you can dig in further with the topics that stump you.
  • a fill-in-the-blanks Declaration that’ll be waiting for you at the end of the workbook, ready to hang for easy Declaration-remembering!
  • the thrill of getting to see Pierre François Frédéric in multiple outfits on top of multiple animals. Ooh la la!

Remember, too, that you can get a free sample chapter by signing up to receive our updates– then if you like what you see, you can come back and get the full workbook!

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Have questions about the e-course or the workbook? Please feel free to get in touch.

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