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back from Renegade

Somehow these are the only photos I came back from Chicago with. Apparently I was too busy for photographs, sheesh!

Renegade Chicago was so fun. And exhausting. I drove up by myself on Friday (11 hours) and back by myself on Monday (re-routed 100 miles or so out of the way through the corner of Ohio, and still made it back faster than I got there… I think I drove pretty fast. :) )… I don’t think I’ve ever been as tired in my life as I was when I got home on Monday evening.

One of the most fun parts of the show for me was having about 8 people who’d backed my Kickstarter rain boot project stop by to introduce themselves, and when people walked into my booth, looked around and said “wait, are you the one who’s doing the rain boots?” and getting to say “yep, that’s me!” It was so exciting!!

I’m so anxious to get these darn boots out into the world! I’ve seen so many cute girls wearing rain boots in the past– I want to infiltrate that city with mine when they’re ready. Ha ha. Speaking of that, my husband is about to graduate from medical school, and he’s getting residency program interview invitations right now, and he got 2 in Chicago yesterday!! So there’s a chance that’s where we’ll be moving next summer– that would be so so cool.

This is my friend Kate, who was in the booth behind me:

She ROCKED it at Renegade and charmed everyone with her southern accent! Make sure you check out her work— she’s amazingly talented and pretty much the sweetest person ever.

So that’s that, and now I’m home sweet home with my little cats, catching up on work and getting back into my routine. What are you up to today?

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