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fall crafts and glittery spider webs

I’m back from DC! It was cold and rainy while I was there, and it really got me in the mood for fall! Soup and pumpkins and sweaters and knitting… fall is my absolute favorite.

And I’m feeling crafty this morning, so I searched around pinterest for some fall crafts (I want to spruce up our house!), and look what I found– glittery spider webs! I’m totally in love with these, as well as the blog that they came from: A Fanciful Twist. Definitely added to my reader!

Aren’t these so terrific? I’m totally going to make these– maybe over the weekend!


Also, on a totally different note, my rain boot samples will be arriving today!! FedEx tried to deliver them yesterday, but I wasn’t home from DC yet and Ryan was at work, so they didn’t leave them on the porch. :( Sadness. But I’m here today, and I’m not leaving the house until they get here! Pics to come SOON!


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