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2013 goal + intention kit

As per my usual, after being completely burnt out and then spending about a week resting/playing/watching movies/not working/vegging, I got a wild hair yesterday and decided to completely re-vamp and re-design my Goal + Intention Kit for 2013. I just can’t stay away from making new stuff for too long!
This year’s kit is entirely 100% new and different from the 2011 and 2012 kits that came before it. And it’s the best, prettiest one yet! (If I do say so myself. And I do.) It’s colorful and fun, which makes goal-setting feel less intimidating and scary. Defy your fear with color and fun!
What’s inside:

– each page of the PDF is interactive, so you can type directly into the PDF instead of printing it out if you prefer. You can, of course, print it out as well, if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way (like I do!)

38 printable + interactive pages of goal and intention setting goodness, all colorfully designed by moi, including:

4 pages of 2012 review — so you can get clear on what went well, what was challenging, and what it’s time to let go of!
– 1 How I Want to Feel in 2013 worksheet
– 1 worksheet to figure out your word / theme for the year
12 interactive calendar pages where you can schedule in all the goals + intentions you’re setting
4 quarterly check-in pages, so you can keep track of your progress
– 1 sheet to fill in ideas you don’t want to forget (because they might float away otherwise!)
Monthly intention-setting spaces
3 goal-setting worksheets (where you’ll work backwards, acting as if you’ve already achieved you’re goal– it’s totally fun!)
– space to list your 2013 money goal, personal goals, and career/work goals
– 1 big dreaming + possibilitizing worksheet
– a reminder cheat sheet where you can write all the goals and intentions you identified — print it out, fill it in, and hang it on your wall as a reminder each and every day to help you focus on your plan
– you’ll be able to download it instantly once you’ve purchased and paid (the link will be automatically emailed to you) — so you can start using it right away!
So, if you’re in the throes of 2013 planning like I am, this might be a useful tool for you. 
{You can preview some pages here to get a feel for what you’ll have to play with.}
So get your 2013 planning + inspiration on! For just $15, you can set yourself up to have your best year yet. 2013 will be amazing! But only if you plan and prepare for it to be….

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