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a new series: #coloringmehappy

Hey guys! I’m super excited to tell you about this fun new series I’m starting, called Coloring Me Happy.
It’s time for a mission to spread happiness + positive color far and wide.
And I want YOU to join in!
Here’s how to play:

Share your favorite colorful + happy-inducing images as they happen on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest using the hashtag #coloringmehappy.

Each week I’ll collect them all here on my blog (with a link to YOU, of course!) in a celebration of all the color and joy in our lives. It’s time to inspire one another to be brave, to live our biggest dreams, to give thanks for all the ordinary and extraordinary moments of happiness in our days, and to live color to the max!

For full details on the series, click here. You’ll find some sharable tweets, buttons that you can put on your own website, and a running stream of images that people are sharing on Instagram.
People are already starting to play! Check it out:
{Lisa Rydin Erickson // instagram, twitterwebsite}
{Donna Heart // instagram, website}
{me // gorgeous clear blue winter sky}
{Lisa Rydin Erickson // instagramwebsite}
{me // my cat, Juneau, lounging in the sun, grey on grey}
{Donna Heart // instagramwebsite}

{me // new pattern in progress}
{Lisa Rydin Erickson // instagramwebsite}

Want to join in?
Just tag your photos on Instagram, twitter, or pinterest with #coloringmehappy, and I’ll scoop them up and put them in my weekly posts — you’ll be helping to inspire people with your happy, colorful life!

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