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Oaxaca! Part 2

Oaxaca. You guys, I honestly don’t even know where to begin telling you about this trip to Mexico with Laura. It was so fantastic! It made me want to live in Mexico (or at least go back often).
So instead of writing a big lengthy post about everything that we did, I think I’ll just give it to you in photos with some little snippets of text, because the photos are the funnest part anyway, right? I’m warning you in advance that this might be the longest photo post ever. Laura and I had about 1,000 photos between us when it was all said and done! 
So, here we go, commencing the photo tour.
Here’s some gorgeous color + folk art at our wonderful B&B, Casa Colonial:

And the quaint and sun-filled breakfast room:
Gorgeous streets and color and cathedrals everywhere!
Here I am strolling one of the dozens of markets in town:
So many good textured walls, mmmmmm:
Mexican dogs. (Laura was obsessed with getting photos of them!) Look how sweet they are:
Beautiful light + fun little sweets stands on our walk from the B&B into the Zocalo, in the center of town:
Here I am checking out what’s happening in the Zocalo (town center square):
There was some sort of dancing competition thing happening! Beautiful traditional costumes everywhere:
We had a good time. :)
But the main reason we were there: SHOPPING.
This was one of our favorite stores:
Just a centuries old cathedral in the middle of town, no big deal:
Our sea elves came along for the Oaxacan adventure, too! Here they are trying some jicama with chili and lime. Yum!
We visited the Ethnobotanical Garden one morning and saw so many varieties of cacti and flowering trees. Simply gorgeous! Here’s Laura exploring:
Our sea elves loved the pretty views:

I still can’t believe I saw this with my own eyes:
Me and Laura. :) (My head looks weird. Doesn’t my hair sort-of look like a helmet? I’m not sure what was going on…)

Major love for Oaxaca:
I loved seeing all the teeny old ladies carrying things around on their heads:
On our third day there, we hired a taxi driver to take us out to some of the villages where they make the local crafts. We went to the workshop/studio of Jacobo Angeles and got a lesson in how the wood carvings are made:
It was ridiculously gorgeous there, and I wanted to move in immediately:
Plus, he was SO NICE!
And look what he made for Laura when he was showing us how they create their natural paint colors:
There were little stands like this in random places, and I found myself wondering how much money they can possibly make in a day, selling fruit on the side of a not-so-busy road:
After the wood-carving village, we went to Santa Maria del Tule, where the largest tree in the world lives (and it’s 2000 years old!):
Here’s the tree (and me):
We visited the ancient ruins at Monte Alban on our last day:
Laura looked so lovely in her black and white dress and cute hat:
These steps were insane:
And naturally when we got back from Monte Alban, there was more shopping involved, this time at the Mercado de las Artesanias:
We didn’t eat any fried grasshoppers, though we oogled them and took secret photos:
And one last photo (Laura took this one), just for fun:
We saw this dog 3 times one day! And he was wearing those sunglasses every time. It was so hilarious. He loved those sunglasses.
All in all: fantastic trip. I will definitely go back to Oaxaca, 100%.
(Read Laura’s Oaxaca post here! She has a lot of different photos posted, and much more description than I do… she’s good like that.) :)

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