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brand new: make a wish eye pillows

The sun came out yesterday in Portland — the perfect type of hazy sun for taking photos. So into the backyard I went with a big pile of eye pillows, which I’ve been meaning to photograph for weeks.

Between adventuring in Mexico and then in Manzanita and working on all my other biz stuff, these little pretties have been sitting around waiting patiently for their time in front of the camera for much, much too long. 
But I’m happy to announce that my make a wish eye pillows are finally available!

Each one is made of my original fabric (designed for Blend Fabrics) and is 100% cotton. They’re filled with rice and lavender buds, and they smell so lovely. Seriously, I have one sitting on my night table and I use it at night to relax and fall asleep. The weight on my eyes and the smell of the lavender are instantly soothing.

Each one has a pocket on the back and 4 little cards for writing wishes, intentions, dreams…
The idea is to write what you want to receive in your life on a card, put it in the pocket, put the pillow on your eyes, and soak in the words you wrote as you sleep. The universe works in magical ways while you’re sleeping — Thomas Edison famously said that if he were looking for a solution to a problem he was working on, he would take a nap and invariably the answer would appear when he woke up. Sleep is magic!
The pillows will make a great gift for yourself (because if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t pamper yourself enough!) and for the people in your life who might need a bit of pampering and self-care.
Hope you like them, friends!

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