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Coloring Me Happy: collection #10

Hi guys, happy Monday! Did you have a good weekend? Mine was a working sort of weekend… I spent hours and hours designing my portfolios and banners for my Surtex booth. I got everything ordered and am anxiously awaiting their arrival on my doorstep! That’ll warrant some #coloringmehappy photos for sure.
I also spent some time weeding my garden (holy weeds in Portland! All the rain makes them grow like, well…. like weeds, haha) and planting some green beans and zucchini, going out for happy hour with friends, watching episodes of Girls in bed (do you watch that show?), and riding my bike to and from the gym. The weather is so lovely and warm here lately, I’m loving it!
I dug through the #coloringmehappy images on Instagram, flickr, twitter, and pinterest this morning, and there was so much springy color– definitely lifted my spirits. 
And I had an idea, too– would it be fun to have a COLOR CHALLENGE each week? Like, find all the TURQUOISE in your life and photograph it this week. Does that sound fun? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Here are some especially pretty ones, from a variety of people:

by Michelle Drew

Michelle Drew (Pattern and Co) : {website // Facebook // twitter // Instagram}

by Susan Scott

Susan Scott : { Instagram}

by Leigh Hannan

Leigh Hannan : {Etsy // Instagram}

by Brooke Montes

Brooke Montes : {website // Instagram} by Julie Hamilton
Julie Hamilton : {website // Facebook // twitter // pinterest}
by Julia

Julia : {website // Facebook // Instagram}
by Jessica Swift

Jessica Swift : {website // Facebook // twitter // Instagram // pinterest}
Cynthia Rahardja Clancy

Cynthia Rahardja Clancy : {website // Instagram}

Check out the rest over in the #coloringmehappy flickr group! And and always, if you’d like to join in the #coloringmehappy fun, details are here. It’s fun and easy!

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