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Andrea Scher’s start a foolish project

So, my friend Andrea asked me recently to design a graphic for a new e-course she was developing, called Start a Foolish Project. I love working with Andrea, so I said YES, and we hopped on the phone so she could tell me all about it. (Oh, and the graphic is above– isn’t it fun?!)
In Andrea’s words (from her website):
“Foolish projects are the things we do just for the delight. They are the things we do because our heart leaps at the thought. They are usually doorways towards greater joy + possibility. Join in and discover the foolish project inside of you!”

I immediately told that I wanted to come up with a foolish project! It sounded so fun!

BUT. I had no idea what I wanted my foolish project to be.
So, fast forward to last week.
Andrea asked me if I wanted to jump on skype to do a mini coaching-type call to figure out what my foolish project was. I said YES, feeling nervous, because I honestly had no idea what I wanted my project to be. What if I came up with a big fat zero? What if nothing came to me? What if I’m so boring that I can’t even think of some fun project that I’d like to do, just for the delight of it?
Yep, the worrier/self-doubter in me came out to play. 
So we hopped on skype, and Andrea asked me to close my eyes for a minute, and to imagine what I loved to do as a kid, and to just remember it. Instantly, a project popped into my head. Just.Like.That!
Next, she asked me to tell her what came to mind, and I told her that a project idea actually popped into my head immediately, but that I’d tell her my childhood memory first.
I told her that I used to create giant bubble-letter posters for every holiday, family birthday, and celebration. I worked tirelessly, for hours, on these posters, and I’d hang them early in the morning before my family woke up, and they loved each new surprise poster that I created. It made me feel good, because I loved making art, but also because I could see that it brought joy to the people I loved, too.
And then I told her the foolish project idea: to paint a big mural, with kids, somewhere in Portland. Something that they could be proud of, to show their own families, that would bring joy to everyone involved. DONE!

{Andrea and me in Manzanita}
The reason I’m telling you this is, firstly, Andrea is awesome, and this course is going to be awesome, and if the Foolish Project idea piqued your interest at all, I encourage you to go sign up! The course starts July 1st. I’ll be working through it myself, to figure out how the heck I’m going to make a mural happen with a bunch of kids I don’t know yet. Eep! Foolish indeed. But so fun! :)
Secondly, I am a firm believer that the things we loved doing as kids are direct pointers to the work we’re supposed to do as adults. This experience with Andrea totally confirmed this belief for me– I mean, all she had to do was ask me what I loved to do as a child, and ZING! Project idea.
If you’re feeling stuck — in your job, in your life, on your path — looking back to your childhood can bring much clarity. How did you love to feel as a kid? What did you love to do? Remembering those things, and then incorporating them into your life, can be a doorway toward more happiness and feeling fulfilled.

You can find more details about the Start a Foolish Project on Andrea’s website. I’m not an affiliate for it or anything– I just think it’s such a cool idea that Andrea had, and I wanted to share it with you, because I have a feeling Foolish Projects might feel like a pretty fun and exhilarating prospect for some of you… :)

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