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the importance of semantics to my brain

This is what my Biz Learnin’ Date looked like yesterday. 
Whole Foods seems to be my go-to place for my dates with myself; I love sitting at the counter and looking outside at the street and the people walking by. I usually grab myself a kombucha and maybe a snack and focus for a good solid hour. It’s truly becoming one of my favorite hours of the week.
Yesterday I continued to work my way through the Ittybiz Emergency Turnaround Clinic; I’m not in any sort of emergency situation with my business, but Naomi is just so dang smart that I figured everything she writes will help me in some way.
Lately I’ve been battling some feelings of overwhelm, and as I wrote about last week, lots of comparison stuff. I think I need to put myself on self-imposed social media shutdown for a month or so! 
Naomi so perfectly nails what it feels like sometimes to be a one-person business. You are in charge of everything. Shipping, website maintenance, social media, PR, creating your products, looking at the big picture/planning/strategizing, etc. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin each day. Everything feels equally important. Everything together can feel insurmountable at times.
She suggests breaking every project up into tiny, manageable slices, and then looking at only the next slice that needs to be done, instead of looking at all of them together. This is something I do not do. I rely on my (often very long) to do lists each day, but I never realized that the way I word things and the size of the tasks on my list are often what contribute to my feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to begin.
For example, instead of writing “start new paintings” on my list, I might write “paint base coat on 3 new canvases”. It’s essentially the same thing, but wording it differently makes it feels so much more manageable. I’ll know when I’ve accomplished it because it’s measurable. Semantics, people! I forget how important semantics are sometimes.
She also suggests estimating the amount of time that a task will take you, and writing that down, too. This is something that I do often do, and I find it helpful, but I often (ok, almost always) let myself get distracted (aka: checking email, checking Facebook) in the middle of a task.
Want to know what’s helping?
The Self-control App. It is amazing. You can set it to shut off whatever websites you want, for specified amounts of time. It works like a dream! Set the timer, hide my phone (so I can’t cheat by checking things there!) forget about those distractions, and just do the task already. Highly recommended, if you’re easily distracted like I am!
This is really helping my productivity, and being more productive with my time makes me feel less overwhelmed. It doesn’t happen every day, but I’m practicing. :)

What about you? What have you been up to on your dates this week? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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