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patterns + running + 10 hours of tv

Patterns patterns patterns!
That’s what I was up to this weekend.
Well, yesterday at least… the 2 days of my weekend couldn’t have been more different. Saturday, I didn’t get out of my pajamas, and I was a complete bum. You guys, I watched tv for, like, 10 HOURS. That’s not an exaggeration. It might’ve actually been more. And it was the best. Turns out after a stressful week last week, I needed a day to be just completely off the radar. The weather was perfect for it — gloomy, grey, rainy (we have lots of those days here in Portland) — so I took advantage of it and laid in bed. Then I moved to the couch after a few hours. I mean, I couldn’t lay in bed allllll day, right?
Sunday couldn’t have been more opposite! I started the day by going on a long run. 10 miles! Here I am pre-run:
I was a little nervous, because I’ve never run that far by myself before (I’m usually with other people on my long runs), but I was on my own this weekend. I’m runnig another half-marathon on December 15th, so skipping this run was not an option. So I had a green smoothie and some coffee, and off I went! And guess what? It was great. Challenging, but really great. I love running!
I was rewarded with this view at about mile 6:
Ahhh, Portland. I love this city. I took this photo on the waterfront on the Willamette River; that tall building in the distance is the tallest in Portland. Its nickname is ‘Big Pink’. There’s a really cool restaurant on one of the top floors that looks out over the city with lovely views.
After my run I went on an excursion to Powell’s and to Anthrpologie, and then I came home to work on getting my brand new gift guides up and running and to make some new patterns, which you can see at the top there. It was a productive day all around!
Usually my weekends are a bit more balanced, but I loved the way this one went — complete and utter laziness (aka: rejuvenation) one day and uber productivity and accomplishment the next. Seems like I could probably use that formula more often in my life and get great results……

Do you take time-outs in your life? Do you feel more productive afterwards?
It’s hard for me to take a real time-out, especially for an entire day, without feeling guilty about it, but it always always makes me feel better afterwards. Must make a mental note of that!

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