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a podcast interview with Tiffany Han

I had the pleasure of joining Tiffany Han recently for an interview on her new podcast called Raise Your Hand. Say Yes, and I’m happy to tell you that it’s live and ready to be listened to on her website today.
Tiffany and I laughed a lot, and we talked about some topics that feel pretty big and important in my life — things like staying motivated, productivity, procrastination, how we make ourselves small by not owning what we are (when we say things like “but I’m not a reallllll artist….”), and much much more.
I remember there being a few nuggets of what felt like gold that popped out of my mouth, so I think I’ll need to have a listen to the conversation again, too! Sometimes I find that I don’t quite know or understand what I think or believe until I’ve said it out loud or written it down… does that happen to you? Well, I remember when Tiffany and I chatted that I had a few of those sorts of a-ha moments when some of my beliefs gelled in my own mind a bit more than they had previously. Love that! 

Anyway, you can listen to the podcast on Tiffany’s website. I hope you enjoy it!

Make sure you check out the other podcasts, too — my interview is #4 in the series, and I’d say Tiffany is on a roll so far with her interviewees. Erin Loechner! Lisa Congdon! Yes. Good stuff.

Happy Wednesday!

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