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daily animal art : an update


Well, my daily animal art project is going pretty well so far. I’ve missed some days, maybe about 6 or 7 total, but I’d say that’s not so bad considering I have a 4.5 month old baby at home and limited (verrrrrry limited) work time these days!

Here are some of my recent favorites. (Not all of them are so finished! Some days they’re just a 5-minute sketchbook painting.) These ones are all 8×10″ and are painted on birch panel. Painting on wood is my absolute favorite. I try to paint on other surfaces – canvas, paper – and just always come back to wood.

Follow me on Instagram if you want to see these as they’re posted every day! I always write a bit about the animal energy along with the photo, which makes them fun to follow, I think. ;)

I’m envisioning turning these into a deck of animal energy cards once I’ve got more completed, with the animal on one side and some words about the animal’s energy on the other side. Wouldn’t that be awesome?


Speaking of decks of cards, wait until you see the blog post that will be up here tomorrow. That’s all I’ll say for right now.

This might be my most favorite recent animal:


Something about the colors!


The day I painted this one, I’d found some beautiful bird feathers out on a walk:


Turned out they were from a flicker, and I think it must have been slain by the paws of a cat; that’s my guess anyway. This was my ode to that beautiful bird!

Hope you enjoy these. :)


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