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a conversation with Pattern Camper Laura Bray

Registration opened today for my online course Pattern Camp. (Class is July 16-17!)

I’ve been having conversations and interviewing Pattern Campers lately to find out what they love about the course, where they are now, what they’re creating, etc. Gosh I love these conversations!

The most recent interview is with Laura Bray, a talented Pattern Camp student, professional craft designer, and all around creative type. I just love what she had to say about Pattern Camp and the amazing community that’s grown in the past year and a half that the course has been around.

Check it out:


1. Tell us about yourself. Who are you, what do you do, where can we find you online?

I currently work as a blogger and professional craft designer and I’m now taking the leap into illustration and pattern design. You can find me, my craft tutorials, recipes, and even a little creative business advice (because I have an MBA and used to be a business consultant) on my blog at I’m proud to say that I’m releasing an entire collection of fabrics to my Spoonflower shop in April and I’m producing a line of stamps as well. Thanks to the skills I learned in Pattern Camp!

2. You say you were afraid of repeat patterns before Pattern Camp. How do you feel now?

I found repeat patterns really intimidating before. After taking Pattern Camp, I can approach them with no trepidation. I had a lot of people give me advice and explain long drawn out formulas for repeat patterns, but who wants to do math when you are an artist? Pattern Camp just made it all make sense. And there was no math involved!

3. What parts of Pattern Camp did you love the most?

I really loved the support you gave all the campers, Jessica. Sometimes, when you take an online course, you feel like the teacher isn’t really there – it’s almost as if they just post the info and run. Because of the structure of Pattern Camp, I know YOU are there during the live class weekend and you are very quick to answer questions. I also enjoyed (and still enjoy) the community of past and present campers.

4. What surprised you about Pattern Camp?

That it was possible for someone to make Illustrator easy to navigate! Seriously though, I think people who are new to pattern making, design, and illustration feel so afraid of the technical tools. It can feel really daunting. I felt like you were just sitting there next to me, explaining how you use the tools to get amazing results. Thanks for that!

Garden Shadows Birds

5. What can you share with the folks out there who may want to sign up for the course but who are afraid their digital skills are lacking, that they aren’t good enough, etc?

See my answer above! Pattern Camp never comes across as a technical platform. You are taught in everyday language (no crazy technical terms) and even if you come across something that you don’t understand, Jessica and your fellow campers are always kind and willing to answer questions. I never felt embarrassed to ask about something I didn’t understand. It’s a very nurturing environment to learn in. As for artistic abilities, I found the class to be filled with every level of talent and ability so there’s definitely a place for every level. Everyone was excited to be there, I felt no judgment and didn’t feel afraid to show my work, ask questions, and most importantly learn.

Thanks so much, Laura, for all your kind words! I’m so glad Pattern Camp made pattern making less technical and more straightforward and fun. (And I agree that our Pattern Camp community is the tops!)


Where to find Laura:






The next session of Pattern Camp is July 16-17, 2016, and registration is open! Come join us and learn to make your own patterns. There’s a community of pattern-obsessed creatives waiting for you! You can register here. (use code JULYCAMPHEREICOME to get $30 off!)

Thinking about signing up? Like this interview and want more inspiration and/or help figuring out if Pattern Camp is for you? Check out the rest of my conversations with Campers!

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