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I’m a guest on the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast

I’m the guest over on the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast today, talking all about inspiration (and what to do when you just….. don’t have it). I had such a great time chatting with the podcast creators Kelly Parker Smith and Caroline Hull – I feel like inspiration and causing it to come (rather than waiting for it to come) is something I could talk about for hours. I mean, if I just waited for inspiration to strike I would make art maybe once a month. If even that. I’m not kidding!

But seriously. Give this episode of the podcast a listen if you’re looking for a little…. inspiration. ;) ha!

And listen to the other episodes of the podcast, too, because they are really good. These two ladies are lighting up the podcast world with this one!

You can find my episode right here or by searching for Creative Biz Rebellion on iTunes.


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