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must have book

i have to get my hands on this book…., here i come…


if you have to buy a card….

i think today was the first day ever that i gave someone a card that i didn’t make myself. i never really saw the point of buying cards when i could just make them myself, so imagine my shock when i fell in love with uncooked‘s hilarious cards.

i hid one for ryan this morning in his school bag (he’s getting ready to go to med school… yikes!) as an ‘i love you/good luck on your 3 tests this week.’ He thought it was funny, too. :)
(this is ryan and me in laguna beach this summer…)

uncooked makes these cards that are just absurd, and if you’re looking for something a little bit morbid or strange to give to your loved one/sister/friend/anyone, then this is the place to go. some are funnier than others in my opinion, but the funny ones really crack me up!


1926 animation

wow– i just turned on my computer to simply check my email, and lo and behold, look what i found! my home page is set to the New York Times arts page, and one of these images from Prince Achmed caught my eye immediately– what innovative things they were doing in 1926! i love the eastern-inspired imagery and simple, stark colors.

These images are from the world’s first feature-length animated film, called Prince Achmed, which was done with paper silhouttes and stop-motion animation. It was made by Lotte Reiniger (German) and was adapted from the Arabian Nights, and I have to get my hands on this.

I love images and illustrations where the foreground is all in shadow and the background is really brightly colored. There’s a fairly recent children’s book that i saw with the same idea for illustrations– i’ll have to find it. it had something to do with babies…

i wonder if tim burton (an absolute FAVE of mine) was inspired at all by this film…..


mmmm… chocolate….

now i am not really a chocolate person. i mean, i like the occasional piece, but i definitely don’t have the chocolate binge gene. but these chocolates from Vosges Haut-Chocolat in Chicago look splurge-worthy. with uniquely-named flavors from around the world like woolloomooloo, absinthe, oaxaca, ambrosia, black pearl, and red fire, i’m ready to order a box right now. i’m totally intrigued.
get a catalog if you can– the images are much nicer than on the website, and it is really fun to drool over!


wallpaper knockout

absolutely gorgeous!! this wallpaper from harlequin in britain is to die for. when i buy a house (one day in the future…) and am able to cover my walls, i’m going to have a hard time choosing between all the amazing patterns out there. many of these from harlequin will be at the top of my list! i wonder what ryan will think of all this…


white shadow

this is a painting of mine called “white shadow,” and it seems to be everyone’s favorite who sees my work. i think it’s the green glitter down the left side…
it’s done on masonite, and i need to make a frame for it. check out more of my paintings from this series on my website!


designer discovery

i just discovered virginia johnson. my oh my! her fabrics are lovely. colorful and quirky. It makes me want to be a textile designer. uh oh…….
this is her 2007 line.


holiday ornament swap!

i am so excited. i signed myself up for the holiday ornament swap that i found out about from the oh joy! blog yesterday. 2 really cool design and craft blogs (cake + pie and freshly{blended}) got together to begin the first annual holiday ornament swap, and it’s a really brilliant idea.
how it works: you make 8-10 ornaments, you get emailed a list of 8-10 people to send them to, then you send them by december 1, and you’ll get 8-10 back in the mail! cool, eh? the best part is that it’s open to any and all artists/crafters/designers/doodlers/whatever. make sure you sign up by november 1st!! i can’t wait to make some killer ornaments…


alternative bookmaking is cool

it’s done! i finished the scrolling photo album book for biz this afternoon and gave it to her tonight. she LOVED it. i already have an order for another one for my friend caroline.

i also started screen printing my elephant idea for wallpaper today. i have visions of a wallpaper factory in my future……


off to the studio!

it’s another snowy day here in boulder, and i’m off to spend it in the studio. first mission of the day: finish biz’s birthday present. she’s 16 today!! I can’t believe it. my little baby sister, “all growns up.” (vince vaughan, swingers… anybody?)

i’m making her the coolest present ever. a scrolling book full of pictures of us (like the ones i posted last week.) i’ll be sure to post photos of it as soon as i’m done.

happy saturday!