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off to the studio!

it’s another snowy day here in boulder, and i’m off to spend it in the studio. first mission of the day: finish biz’s birthday present. she’s 16 today!! I can’t believe it. my little baby sister, “all growns up.” (vince vaughan, swingers… anybody?)

i’m making her the coolest present ever. a scrolling book full of pictures of us (like the ones i posted last week.) i’ll be sure to post photos of it as soon as i’m done.

happy saturday!


BMoCA Contemporary Art Auction

these are some highlights from the BMoCA art auction last night. starting at the top left to the bottom right: julia lunk, patricia bramsen, sam bean, jane hammond.

here is a photo of the actual event in progress…

hot art and all the important folks of boulder buying it.


tights with a sheen

i am loving this photo from Harper’s Bazaar. I want those brown tights with a bit of sparkle to them. the brown and gold thing that’s going on is inspiring– i think i’ll make a painting in the same color scheme. inspiration from unexpected places!



i love this magazine. it is published and printed right here in boulder by a man named waylon lewis, who seems to somehow have enough time to publish a magazine, ride his cool vintage bike around town in vintage plaid pants, shop at the farmer’s market, sip fancy lattes at vic’s coffeeshop (local gem) while simultaneously typing up brilliant observations on his laptop and holding an enthralling conversation, attending all the cool art and music events, and hosting them as well. whew! inspiring, no doubt about it.

anyway, i love reading this magazine because it’s all about green and mindful living, and the cover of this latest issue couldn’t put it any more bluntly. but in an artistic and hand-drawn way. :) i love it.

check out the magazine here


the cutest espresso maker ever

if i had an espresso maker like this it would be sure to raise my minor coffee addiction to the highest level. it’s so retro and funky and totally cool! i would just want to use it as many times as i could throughout the day. maybe i would get more done with 18 shots of espresso coursing through me every day… on the other hand, maybe i would pass out in a vibrating stupor. it’s hard to say.


bookmaking satisfaction

i love this book! i have a project in mind for this weekend using the scrolling book technique that is described in this gem of a book. my little sister bizzy’s 16th birthday is this saturday, and i want to make her a scrolling photo book of all the funny photos of us that we’ve taken together. i think she’ll love it. i will post pictures as soon as it’s done.


fun and colorful art!

4 little paintings of mine. they are 12×12″ each, and framed in handmade shadowbox frames!! from top left to bottom right they are called: “Snowflake,” “A Crossing,” “Cheerios,” and “Picture Windows.” Enjoy!


winter wonderland

happy first snow!!! it started coming down around 11:00 and it seemed like it was going to be wimpy, but now it’s winter out there. ryan and i barbecued in the backyard on sunday night and now it’s tuesday and we have 3 inches of snow already. that’s boulder for you. never can predict the weather.

i spent the day at bmoca (boulder museum of contemporary art) where i work part time doing installations. it’s a pretty cushy deal i have going on– i get to go in every few months for a couple of weeks when the current exhibit is coming down and the new one is going up. so i go in, do that work with travis, and then go back on my merry way to work on my art in my studio. no staff meetings, so regular hours…. i love it. plus, it keeps me connected to the people there and what’s going on.

anyway, travis and i hung the back gallery for the annual art auction today. 8 hours straight, with only one brief five minute break to eat lunch. whew! then driving in the snow… i am glad to be home! i will be sure to take some photos of the artwork– there are some pretty awesome pieces. the auction is thursday, so i’ll be sure to report.


pink skies in the morning

I woke up and the sky was pink! I love this time of year because you don’t have to get up quite so early to see the sun rise. lately it’s coming up around 6:30 am here in boulder, which is perfect for me.

now if only i could get myself up and out the door and onto the trail to run that early….


cool things everywhere

i saw these gift bags at a great store here in boulder called paper doll, and i couldn’t resist! they’re sparkly and wonderful and so completely my style. very mucha-esque. (check out alphonse mucha if you haven’t done so already…)

i went to the mucha museum when i was in prague last year and fell in love with his work. art nouveau is gorgeous inspiration!!