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winter wonderland

happy first snow!!! it started coming down around 11:00 and it seemed like it was going to be wimpy, but now it’s winter out there. ryan and i barbecued in the backyard on sunday night and now it’s tuesday and we have 3 inches of snow already. that’s boulder for you. never can predict the weather.

i spent the day at bmoca (boulder museum of contemporary art) where i work part time doing installations. it’s a pretty cushy deal i have going on– i get to go in every few months for a couple of weeks when the current exhibit is coming down and the new one is going up. so i go in, do that work with travis, and then go back on my merry way to work on my art in my studio. no staff meetings, so regular hours…. i love it. plus, it keeps me connected to the people there and what’s going on.

anyway, travis and i hung the back gallery for the annual art auction today. 8 hours straight, with only one brief five minute break to eat lunch. whew! then driving in the snow… i am glad to be home! i will be sure to take some photos of the artwork– there are some pretty awesome pieces. the auction is thursday, so i’ll be sure to report.


pink skies in the morning

I woke up and the sky was pink! I love this time of year because you don’t have to get up quite so early to see the sun rise. lately it’s coming up around 6:30 am here in boulder, which is perfect for me.

now if only i could get myself up and out the door and onto the trail to run that early….


cool things everywhere

i saw these gift bags at a great store here in boulder called paper doll, and i couldn’t resist! they’re sparkly and wonderful and so completely my style. very mucha-esque. (check out alphonse mucha if you haven’t done so already…)

i went to the mucha museum when i was in prague last year and fell in love with his work. art nouveau is gorgeous inspiration!!


me and my sister

this is me and my sister biz. she recently discovered the coolest feature on my computer (photo booth) and we have had ridiculous amounts of fun taking photos of ourselves making funny faces. for some reason it hasn’t stopped being funny, even though we’ve taken over 300 photos.

biz is a dancer and almost 16, and she is a truly cool girl. sensitive, intelligent, hilarious… i’m so proud of her. this weekend she and my cousin danielle are coming over so we can make big furry halloween costumes. i’ll be sure to post pictures of us in all our ridiculousness when they’re done. poor ryan is going ot have to deal with fake fur all over the living room and noisy girls while he’s trying ot read organic chemsitry or phisiology or something. i sure am glad i’m an artist and not a scientist!

off to lunch and an interview with marni for the new gallery website she and my friend susan are creating– check it out at
It should be up ad running sometime in the next week or so.

Happy fall to you!


Little Miss Sunshine

I finally saw Little MIss Sunshine last night, and I think it was one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. I absolutely loved it! Ryan was a little bit wary of seeing it with me (because he says he doesn’t like my choice in movies…I don’t believe him…), but he ended up loving it, too. We were both cracking up by the end.
It makes me wonder if anyone has a “normal” family, and if that would be a really boring life anyway. Or, I guess maybe a crazy family IS normal to those actually IN the family. Or maybe not. Thank goodness we don’t have to live with our families forever. I love mine dearly, of course, but my life is much more calm living in a different house!
But it’s nice to know that crazy families are out there and it’s not just mine…

see the movie!


little paintings

it’s another gorgeous sunny day here in boulder, colorado, and i am spending my morning organizing gallery contact information. ugh. it’s the gruntwork that gets so tedious sometimes.

these are two paintings of mine called “japan” and “snowflake.” they’re 12×12″ and part of my new series of fun glittery work!

happy wednesday…


new and improved blogging

well, i’ve decided to update my blog and make it a little more all-inclusive of the things i’m currently obsessing over and in love with. a short list to begin with:

*glitter glitter glitter!
*gorgeous hand-printed paper
*fall weather and halloween costumes
*trail running
(yes, i’ve taken to running. hard for those who know me to believe!)
*late afternoon sunlight
*waking up at 6am to write and drink coffee in my living room
*screen printing
*making kombucha (have you tried it?)
*making frames
*striped scarves
*beginning the winter knitting extravaganza!
*fall cooking (think squash pies and roasted beets…)
*crimped hair!! fun fun fun
*watching little kids
*skirts and boots
*my boyfriend ryan (heart heart)

i know there’s more, but i think that’s enough for now.

this is a photo of a little boy on pearl street, in boulder (where i live), and i just thought he was cute in his canycane striped hat. i used to sit on that snail when i was little– it was gorgeous outside today , and i had a sentimental moment. sometimes i miss being little and unjaded. this is my challenge to myself: to learn to live in that innocence and joy again. i feel it more and more every day, and i feel so blessed.

i am RECOMMITTING to my blog. daily posts are in my future, because i want to open my eyes more to all that’s around me!!

more tomorrow!