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My book, The Crafter’s Guide to Patterns, was published in April 2015 by UK publisher Rotovision. The book is all about creating patterns by hand using a variety of techniques like screen-printing, block-printing, cyanotype, and more, so it’s a nice complement to my Pattern Camp e-course — the book and the e-course together encompass a whole slew of different ways to create patterns!

Photographed by my friend Jessica Nichols, the book is gorgeous and filled with images of patterns and projects that are clear, easy-to follow, and inspiring.

And the talented team of book designers at Rotovision made the whole thing look completely beautiful. You’ll love it!


I included a lot of different projects, like creating hand-printed gift wrap, stationery, and fabric, as well as sections about how to create repeat patterns by hand and using Illustrator and Photoshop.

There are also galleries of beautiful patterned products that I love, and 5 interviews with talented pattern designers from around the world — Leah Duncan, Hitomi Kimura, Hamburger Liebe, Skinny LaMinx, and Zoe Ingram.


I also explain a lot of different types of patterns in the book, so it’s a nice primer for getting started in pattern design, too, with lots of visual examples!

Aimed at crafters who want the skills to turn their creative pattern ideas into reality, this easy-to-follow guide covers everything from finding inspiration and choosing colors to creating backgrounds, borders, and full-scale repeats. Step-by-step tutorials explain all the basics and show how to apply the patterns to multiple surfaces, including fabric, gift wrap, stencils, tiles, and more. AND, to add icing to the cake, included are 20 free motifs, designed by me, that you can download and use however you like!


There are 2 versions of the book, a USA edition (turquoise) and a UK edition (yellow):


You can purchase the book from the following online retailers:

  • Powell’s (also in Powell’s stores in Portland, OR)