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Hello! I’m Jessica Swift — full-time artist / surface pattern designer / painter and Pattern Camp creator and teacher.

I hail from sunny Boulder, Colorado and currently live in the magical Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. (I also spent 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia in between and 4 years in Ithaca, NY during my college years.)

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I make art because it makes me feel happy, hopeful, and alive. Simple as that.

But I also make art because I want happiness, hope, and aliveness for you, too. You matter. (Yes, YOU!) So much.

Everything I create — from animal totem paintings, to oracle cards, to fabric, to iPhone cases, to art prints, to free uplifting email series, to downloadable e-books, to printed books, to e-courses — is designed to make you feel GOOD, to remind you that you’re allowed to trust yourself and follow your intuition, and to inspire you to live your best, most dream-filled life. I want to remind you that you matter and that you’re allowed to feel good, JUST BECAUSE. The world needs your most joy-filled you!

Because when you’re content with what you’ve got and where you are, you stop fighting with your heart … and your joy can’t help but bubble out.

  • You start to unravel your wild + colorful dreams — and take those dreams seriously.
  • You find untapped reserves of enthusiasm + energy.
  • You take big, brave strides — and say YES to adventures.
  • You inspire other people and remind them that they matter, too, simply by existing.
  • You grant other people permission to find their own version of happiness.


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Some other bits about me:

  • I am 100% self-taught in pattern design and in business — and I’ve never had a “real grown-up job” (I don’t think my brief stint as a piano duster, at age 15, counts. Neither do my burrito-rolling days in college or my year of waitressing right after college!).
  • I started my career by exhibiting in juried art shows when I was 22 — but once I discovered how to create repeat patterns on my computer in 2008, it was true love! I soon began licensing my patterns to manufacturers, and I never looked back.
  • I am left-handed.
  • I have a BFA in painting and a minor in French. One day I will use that minor when I own a houseboat in Amsterdam and visit Paris regularly. Quelle merveille!
  • I moved from Atlanta to Portland in June 2012 with my husband, Ryan, our 2 cats, and a trunk full of glossy paint. I still live in Portland, and I still have the 2 cats, plus a toddler and a baby. Ryan died in August 2018. You can read about it right here and see the project that emerged from his death and helped me through grief.  So it’s me and the babes now, and we are a-ok. Life is strange and hard and beautiful and heart-breaking and never-endingly complex.
  • I am a runner. I thought I despised running until 6 years ago, when I met a fantastic group of women with whom I now run regularly, and I can’t live without it. Who knew?
  • I wrote an e-book — JUMP. TRUST. REPEAT. — all about my journey as an artist and creative business owner. I’m awfully proud of it. It’s a collection of real-world stories + practical guidance for aspiring artists who want to go pro. You can learn all about it, over here. I also run a popular e-course called Pattern Camp and a sister program for creatives called Campfire!
  • I dream pretty much every night. In vivid color.
  • I think (no, I know) you are fantastic and talented. And if you’re thinking about quitting, downshifting or giving up on your dream … don’t. Not yet. Trust me on this.

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And, I invite you to join my email list!

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Interested? (I hope so!)

Here’s a peek at the kind of thing you’ll receive each day (along with an uplifting message from me to go with the artwork):




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