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Hello! I’m Jessica Swift — full-time artist / surface pattern designer / painter and Pattern Camp creator and teacher.

I hail from sunny Boulder, Colorado and currently live in the magical Pacific Northwest in Portland, Oregon. (I also spent 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia in between and 4 years in Ithaca, NY during my college years.)

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I make art because it makes me feel happy, hopeful, and alive. Simple as that.

But I also make art because I want happiness, hope, and aliveness for you, too. You matter. (Yes, YOU!) So much.

Everything I create — from animal totem paintings, to oracle cards, to fabric, to iPhone cases, to art prints, to free uplifting email series, to downloadable e-books, to printed books, to e-courses — is designed to make you feel GOOD, to remind you that you’re allowed to trust yourself and follow your intuition, and to inspire you to live your best, most dream-filled life. I want to remind you that you matter and that you’re allowed to feel good, JUST BECAUSE. The world needs your most joy-filled you!

Because when you’re content with what you’ve got and where you are, you stop fighting with your heart … and your joy can’t help but bubble out.

  • You start to unravel your wild + colorful dreams — and take those dreams seriously.
  • You find untapped reserves of enthusiasm + energy.
  • You take big, brave strides — and say YES to adventures.
  • You inspire other people and remind them that they matter, too, simply by existing.
  • You grant other people permission to find their own version of happiness.


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Some other bits about me:

  • I am 100% self-taught in pattern design and in business — and I’ve never had a “real grown-up job” (I don’t think my brief stint as a piano duster, at age 15, counts. Neither do my burrito-rolling days in college or my year of waitressing right after college!).
  • I started my career by exhibiting in juried art shows when I was 22 — but once I discovered how to create repeat patterns on my computer in 2008, it was true love! I soon began licensing my patterns to manufacturers, and I never looked back.
  • I am left-handed.
  • I have a BFA in painting and a minor in French. One day I will use that minor when I own a houseboat in Amsterdam and visit Paris regularly. Quelle merveille!
  • I moved from Atlanta to Portland in June 2012 with my husband, our 2 cats, and a trunk full of glossy paint. We love living in Portland — and I love posting behind-the-scenes photos and other adventures from our life here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest on my blog. I have a sweet toddler named Coen, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Being a mama is amazing (and HARD sometimes, whoa). :)
  • I am a runner. I thought I despised running until 5 years ago, when I met a fantastic group of women with whom I now run regularly, and I can’t live without it. Who knew?
  • I wrote an e-book — JUMP. TRUST. REPEAT. — all about my journey as an artist and creative business owner. I’m awfully proud of it. It’s a collection of real-world stories + practical guidance for aspiring artists who want to go pro. You can learn all about it, over here. I also run a popular e-course called Pattern Camp and a sister program for creatives called Campfire!
  • I dream pretty much every night. In vivid color.
  • I think (no, I know) you are fantastic and talented. And if you’re thinking about quitting, downshifting or giving up on your dream … don’t. Not yet. Trust me on this.

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Interested? (I hope so!)

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