E-book - Jump, Trust, Repeat

E-book - Jump, Trust, Repeat
E-book - Jump, Trust, Repeat
E-book - Jump, Trust, Repeat

E-book - Jump, Trust, Repeat

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You want to be a full-time working artist.

You want to heal + inspire the world, through your work.

You want your wild + colorful dreams to become real.

You’re closer than you think …

… and I don’t want you to give up.


This updated 2nd edition of Jump Trust Repeat is a practical guidebook for aspiring artists who want to go full-time, full-out, and full-throttle with their dreams.

It’s not a guaranteed recipe for success (sadly, those don’t exist) … but it’s packed with real-world stories, industry guidelines, and valuable tips to help you transform your passion for art into a bonafide business.

Meet your new creative business bible.

Jump Trust Repeat includes three parts — each packed with grounding reality checks, career-boosting experiments, and massive encouragement for your journey.

PART ONE is the story of my creative business: the ups + down, mistakes + successes.
I’ll show you how I became a professional artist at age 23, and how I navigated the twists & turns of entrepreneurial life … all the way to today.

PART TWO is a practical pow-wow — everything you’ve ever wondered about trade shows, licensing, pricing & billing, packaging & shipping, developing your signature style, networking with buyers, using social media — and all the nitty-gritty logistics of working as a professional artist.

You’ll find questions like:

  • How did you get your first licensing deal, and how do you approach companies with whom you’d like to work?
  • What should you have in a trade show booth?
  • How do you manage your financial life?
  • What’s the difference between licensing, limited use sale, and outright sale, and how do they each work?
  • How do you ship your work?
  • Did you have a secret rich benefactor sending you checks when you first started out? (Unfortunately, the answer is ‘no’ — though it would’ve been extremely nice!)
  • And many more!

PART THREE is a sneak peek at the everyday lives of 10 successful artists / designers / creative business owners — and the brave decisions they’ve made to propel their careers forward.

You’ll find stories + personal guidance from some of the most inspiring artist-preneurs I’ve ever met, including:

Because sometimes, you just need honest-to-goodness proof that making it as a professional artist is possible.



If you’re a creative soul looking for practical tips + encouragement to build a thriving career as an artist … then YES!

If you….

  • Want to quit your day job (oh Lord, soon!) and build a fulfilling career as a professional artist.
  • LOVE making art, but get freaked out by the logistical side of your business (like self-promotion, finding and communicating with manufacturers + clients, pricing, and more).
  • Are completely saturated with “shoulds” and “musts”, and no longer trust your own business intuition.
  • Secretly believe that ART + MONEY can co-exist — and quite happily, too!
  • Aren’t ready to downshift or give up on your dream (no way!)
  • Jump Trust Repeat was created for YOU — and everyone else in your shoes.
  • Because there’s no such thing as “too much art,” and there’s room for everyone in our industry to prosper + thrive.

Jump Trust Repeat was created for YOU — and everyone else in your shoes.
Because there’s no such thing as “too much art,” and there’s room for everyone in our industry to prosper + thrive.



  • Can I just tell you how pumped I am to get back into my dreams right now?! Your story has deeply resonated with me, touching on my tender dreams and lack of self belief at this time in my life. It really has been exactly what I needed to hear, and of course, the universe made it happen as it’s so good at doing!”
  • “Reading Jessica Swift’s e-book and it’s awesome. If you have any interest in the business of art or surface design it’s a must read!
  • I bought it this afternoon and couldn’t put it down all evening — love hearing your story and such great information!”
  • Loving your book! So super inspiring — and so pretty too!!”
  • “Your personal story combined with all the extremely valuable nuts and bolts information make for an incredible whole package.”
  • Jump Trust Repeat is AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! I just LOVE it — bought it yesterday and I am almost finished reading it from start to finish — then I am going to read again! (with my highlighter).”


I want your wild + colorful dreams to become real.

And I want your journey as a professional artist to be as joyful + empowered as it can possibly be.

Make the investment of $77 USD — and own a copy of Jump Trust Repeat.

I’ll see you on page one!

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