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Print – Be the Observer




This idea helps me step back and get a different view of my life. It helps me take things a bit less personally. It helps me detach and get a wider view on a tricky situation. It helps me remember that situations/perspectives/feelings change, nothing remains the same, and that I am in charge of how I experience my life. It helps me have faith that by flowing with what’s happening in my life instead of resisting, looking for the good and acknowledging the hard, I’m being led somewhere better, brighter, and more wonderful than I might be able to imagine. In observer mode I can be curious instead of upset. Learning instead of hoping and making up stories. Quietly empowered. Quietly watching. Quietly changing and shifting and growing…

This is a print of a digital illustration.

It’s printed on archival white matte Epson paper with a small white border for easy framing/matting.

It will arrive signed and dated and will be shipped in a bend-proof mailer (or a sturdy cardboard tube for 13×19″ prints).

Additional information

Weight .077 lbs
Print Sizes

11×14", 13×19", 8.5×11"

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