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Print – Let Go and Empty Out




While recently practicing a (nearly impossible) move in yoga class, going from a cross-legged seated position to balancing on your arms back to chaturanga (low plank), the teacher talked about needing to let go and empty out in order to lift higher. Like, you physically can’t lift your body as easily if it’s full of air, so you let go of your breath and empty out to make your body lighter. And I realized it can be that simple with letting go of heavy stuff in our minds and bodies, too, in order to feel better and lift higher in life in general. Let go. Lift. Let go. Lift. Simple. Breathe it out. Imagine it floating up and away, or down into the Mother… both work, I think. I like picturing letting things fall away from me and sink into Mother Earth, knowing she can absorb and compost my negative energy and turn it into rich, useful soil for my continued growth.

This is a print of a digital illustration.

It’s printed on archival white matte Epson paper with a small white border for easy framing/matting.

It will arrive signed and dated and will be shipped in a bend-proof mailer (or a sturdy cardboard tube for 13×19″ prints).

Additional information

Weight .077 lbs
Print Sizes

8×10", 11×14"

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