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Animal Totem original painting – Banana Slug


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The message of Slug is about not needing a hard outer shell; strength comes from inside. Slug teaches not to put up walls and barriers around yourself. Go slow, take your time. Leave a magical, shimmering trail in your wake wherever you go. There is no need to hurry. All slugs are both male and female, so this unique totem is also about balance between feminine and masculine within yourself. Softness and strength. Intuition and thinking. Action and stillness. Listening and activating. Slug is tied to the moon, coming out mostly at night. Let her magical ways lead you toward your truest self.

This is an original painting. There is only one!


:: 8×10″

:: Acrylic on 1/8″ birch panel

:: The Banana Slug energy description is printed on a lovely sticker on the back of the painting

:: Unframed

:: Does not have hanging hardware (good for propping, hanging with clips, etc)

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Weight 1 lbs