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Animal Totem original painting – Fox


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Fox. Invisibility, adaptability, keen senses and awareness of your surroundings. Camouflage. Cunning, charm, and magic. Shape-shifting. Practice blending in with your surroundings and moving through your world unnoticed. This will allow you to see and hear things you might otherwise not, to receive messages from Spirit, and to discover the hidden truth in situations. Fox is also a protector of family and home, always returning from her magical adventures to the warmth and safety of the den. Follow your natural instincts.

This is an original painting. There is only one!


:: 8×10″

:: Acrylic on 1/8″ birch panel

:: The Fox energy description is printed on a lovely sticker on the back of the painting

:: Unframed

:: Does not have hanging hardware (good for propping, hanging with clips, etc)

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Weight 1 lbs


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