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Animal Totem original painting – Hyena


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Hyena. I never really knew what a hyena looked like, it turns out! They’re kind-of cute, no? But make no mistake: this is one powerful animal. Hyena is about instincts. Following what feels right. Taking care with your words; loving words will be felt deeply. So will unkind words. Living and working in community is important for Hyena; more will be accomplished, and better, together. Let Hyena guide you in discerning your next right moves….This is an original painting. There is only one!


:: 8×10″

:: Acrylic on 1/8″ birch panel

:: The Hyena energy description is printed on a lovely sticker on the back of the painting

:: Unframed

:: Does not have hanging hardware (good for propping, hanging with clips, etc)

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