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Animal Totem original painting – Mouse


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Mouse. Focus and attention to detail. Scrutiny. Organization and everything in its place. The flip side is that often the forest is lost for the trees; getting caught up in small details, nit-picking perhaps, and not seeing the big picture. Mouse can help remind you that life is larger than it may appear… Broaden your sphere! It will help you keep balance between small details that are right in front of you and the larger order of the world. Break down large tasks into smaller chunks and go step by step. Call on Mouse to help you focus in and get things done.

This is an original painting. There is only one!


:: 8×10″

:: Acrylic on 1/8″ birch panel

:: The Mouse energy description is printed on a lovely sticker on the back of the painting

:: Unframed

:: Does not have hanging hardware (good for propping, hanging with clips, etc)

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