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Animal Totem original painting – Sea Turtle


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Sea Turtle. Ancient Mother Earth. The healing power of water. Peace. Allowing emotions to flow. Motherhood and female energy. Protection. Longevity. Patience and determination. Everything moves, grows, lives at its own pace. Honor your own pace, your own cycle. Take your time; you have all the time in the world. Connect with Mama Earth to center yourself; she is waiting to give you everything you need. Awaken your senses to the incredible world around you.

This is an original painting. There is only one!


:: 8×10″

:: Acrylic on 1/8″ birch panel

:: The Sea Turtle energy description is printed on a lovely sticker on the back of the painting

:: Unframed

:: Does not have hanging hardware (good for propping, hanging with clips, etc)

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