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Accountability Kit



Product Description

Do you have a big dream or even a small goal that you would like reach, but ‘things’ just keep getting in the way?

Does it feel like time just keeps moving faster and faster and yet you seem to be no closer to making things happen?

Are you struggling through your to-do list every week, wondering why you are not getting as much done as you think you should be?

We have some good news for you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and there is HOPE! Making changes in your life and/or business is hard. Working for yourself is hard. Chasing a dream… defining what and who you want to be… staring something new… switching things up… making it happen… all of these things take work, dedication, confidence, and time.

If you’re a one-woman show it can be an even bigger challenge.

Enter an Accountability Partner.

What is an Accountability Partner exactly? It’s a person who witnesses what you are trying to accomplish and holds you accountable to yourself and to your dreams. The kind of relationship you create with your Accountability Partner is up to both of you. You can offer support to one another, have weekly meetings, or just share your goals on a weekly or monthly basis.

Having someone who knows what you’re up to and what you’re trying to accomplish is incredible helpful. We know this, because we, Jessica Swift and Kari Chapin, have been Accountability Partners for just about two years now.

In two years we’ve each accomplished a lot of big things that’ve benefitted both our businesses and personal lives, and we each credit our Accountability Partnership as one of the key components to our successes.

We have been asked again and again to outline and explain what we do as Accountability Partners that works so well for us – and that’s what led us to create this kit.


We have compiled a 40-page digital PDF of our best advice to help you find the right Accountability Partner and build a relationship with her/him that propels both of you toward the success you want and deserve.

The Kit covers:

– What to look for in an Accountability Partner

 – How to approach your prospective partner

– Sample partnership agreements

– Details on how our partnership works and our personal guidelines

– How to turn your standing to-do list(s) into a powerful tool that propels you forward

– Exercises that will help you and your partner create the best accountability relationship possible

And bonuses like:

– Actual samples of lists we have shared with one another

– Printable reminders for your calendars

– List templates to use yourself

– And a short but sweet resource guide

You’ll receive a link to download your Kit immediately upon purchase.


When purchasing the Accountability Kit you agree to the following:

– You will need to find your own Accountability Partner. We are not able to team people up or match you with someone else who is looking for a partner. We offer our advice on how to find a partner and approach them to be your Accountability Partner in the kit.

– This is a digital product and therefore no refunds will be granted.


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