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2019 Goal + Intention Kit




Are you ready to have your best, most inspiring, successful, productive, and happy year yet?

I’m here to help you do that – colorfully, inexpensively, and joyfully!

My 2019 Goal + Intention Kit is fully updated for the new year, calendar dates and all. It’s time to get your goals and dreams down on paper, so you can start making them a reality. Asap.

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being kept for a few weeks and then falling to the wayside – Sound familiar? I know all too well how easy it is to set grandiose resolutions, only to have forgotten them completely by February. And resolutions are often about stopping doing things that we think are bad (lose weight, stop eating sugar, stop watching tv, blah blah blah…), so when we don’t follow through, we feel bad about ourselves. We feel guilty and punish ourselves. It’s not a fun place to be in.


This digital kit will help you brainstorm, DREAM, focus, and plan alllll the goals and intentions you’ll set for yourself for the year – AND to stay on track well beyond February; all the way through December, in fact! Goals and intentions are inherently positive – they help you focus on the positive and on what you want to add to / bring forth into your life (Run a 10K! Open an Etsy shop! Design my first repeat pattern! Begin meditating!)


– 26 printable pages of goal and intention setting goodness including:

– 4 pages of 2018 review – so you can get clear on what went well, what was challenging, and what it’s time to let go of

– 1 How I Want to Feel in 2019 worksheet

– 1 worksheet to figure out your word / theme for the year

– 4 quarterly check-in pages, so you can keep track of your progress

– 1 sheet to fill in ideas you don’t want to forget (because they might float away otherwise)

– Monthly intention-setting spaces

– 3 Goal-setting worksheets (where you’ll work backwards, acting as if you’ve already achieved you’re goal – it’s totally fun!)

– space to list your 2019 money goal, personal goals, and career/work goals

– 1 big dreaming + possibilitizing worksheet

– a reminder cheat sheet where you can write all the goals and intentions you identified – print it out, fill it in, and hang it on your wall as a reminder each and every day to help you focus on your plan

– download it instantly once you’ve purchased and paid (the link will be automatically emailed to you) – so you can start using it right away


Fun fun fun, and uber-useful.

I know you’ll love it. For a small investment of $10, you’ll be setting yourself up for a productive, focused, and successful 2019 – why wait??

You’ll be able to download it instantly as soon as you’ve purchased and paid.

Here’s to your magical + powerful + well-planned 2019!


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