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Rainbow Gratitude Enamel Keychain


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This is the first keychain that I’ve ever designed and offered and I’m super excited about it! Rainbows are a symbol of gratitude for me, and so I offer you this limited edition keychain as a reminder of all the good things there are to be grateful for.


:: Limited edition. Only 100 are available!

:: Measures 1.75″ wide

:: Colored enamel, gold metal key ring, and gold metal chain


In 2018, just a few months after the sudden and unexpected death of my husband, I did a big rainbow project called 100 Thank Yous to celebrate my gratitude for all the love and care that poured my way when my life turned completely upside down. Now, one year later, I’m still more grateful than I’ve ever been and wanted to celebrate again by offering some new rainbow items. The rainbow will forever be my personal symbol of gratitude, and I love having this Thanksgiving anniversary each year now to reflect on and revisit my gratitude and to create new rainbow-filled products to symbolize it. This is year 2!

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Weight .3075 lbs