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Stay Loving, Get Fierce – framed print #27


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:: framed digital print from my  ‘100 Messages To Myself‘ painting series
:: print image measurement: 4.75 x 4.75″
:: outer frame measurement: 10 x 10″
:: white frame
:: hook for easy hanging included
:: there is only ONE available!

This time in my life right now is about listening to what I need. Listening to what’s right for me. Valuing myself. Honoring myself. Listening to my gut. Getting fierce with boundaries and protecting what feels right for me, my life. These are things that have been difficult for me with regards to people… I’d usually so much rather be upset/resentful/hurt than to say what I need or make a boundary of any kind. I don’t ever want anyone to be upset with me. That’s the people pleaser part of me, and I’m ready to bid her a “thank you for how you’ve served me up until now, and also: farewell”. I’m ready to do more of what’s best for me and to be fiercer about that. Not like mean fierce (because I’m not a mean-spirited person at all), but just like fierce with loving myself more. Know what I mean?? Also: I really didn’t feel like painting today, and I’m so glad I did because I really love this tiger! Sometimes I surprise myself and actually think I’m a pretty decent painter! (Here‘s the full message I wrote when I painted it.)


My life changed dramatically in August 2018 when my husband suddenly died and then again in January 2019 when my baby girl was born. It’s been a strange 15 months! Creating nearly daily art has been one of the main ways I’ve tuned in to my feelings and to myself as I’ve moved forward. Sharing the art that I’ve been making and the messages I’ve been giving to myself has been a powerfully healing part of my journey, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share my images and thoughts with you.



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