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You Are the Weaver of Your Own Dreams – framed print #2


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:: framed digital print from my  ‘100 Messages To Myself‘ painting series
:: print image measurement: 4.75 x 4.75″
:: outer frame measurement: 10 x 10″
:: white frame
:: hook for easy hanging included
:: there is only ONE available!

Recently when I got into my car one morning there was a tiny brown passenger next to me where I normally carelessly toss my purse. She’d woven a perfect web in the night. C and I saw her in the car the day before, but she disappeared… then there she was this morning, waiting for us. I carefully set my purse next to her web and went about my business. She was there all day, each time I got in the car to go somewhere. Picking C up, to yoga, home from yoga… She’s still there, but I accidentally broke her web when I carelessly tossed my purse in after yoga, lost in thought. I apologized to her. Maybe she’ll weave a new web that’ll be waiting for me tomorrow morning. We’ll see! Anyway, Spider energy is about creation. It’s about weaving your own fate and your own story. I am the co-creator, not a victim. The way I see things and think about things, the choices I make, shape my future, my destiny. This little spider was an important reminder to me this morning to be intentional. To direct my thoughts where I want them to go. (Which was good timing because I was dwelling on something I wanted out of my mind when I got in the car.) To not let the stories run me, but instead to write it as I go. To pause, consider, and to thoughtfully respond instead of react. To put my attention where I want my life to go rather than on running the same stories over and over in my mind. Change the course. Weave something new. Now is the time. Create the future I want so some future I don’t want isn’t created for me while I’m just along for the ride! This is what Spider’s message for me was today. (Here‘s the full message I wrote when I painted it.)


My life changed dramatically in August 2018 when my husband suddenly died and then again in January 2019 when my baby girl was born. It’s been a strange 15 months! Creating nearly daily art has been one of the main ways I’ve tuned in to my feelings and to myself as I’ve moved forward. Sharing the art that I’ve been making and the messages I’ve been giving to myself has been a powerfully healing part of my journey, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to share my images and thoughts with you.



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