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Print – Be Ruthless In Your Letting Go





:: digital print of a digital illustration
:: printed on archival white matte Epson paper
:: available as 8×10″ or 11×14″, both standard sizes to easily pop into a frame
:: will arrive signed and dated and shipped in a plastic sleeve and bend-proof mailer

This phrase popped into my head while I was in the shower recently. I go through periods where I’m this way with things and possessions – just get rid of it! – and it strikes me that I can do the same with emotions and feelings and beliefs I no longer need. Old self? Let her go. Shame and guilt? Let it go. Resentments? Don’t need those. Anger? Let that go as fast as you can. Being ruthless, I think, means dealing with it as it comes up so you CAN let it go. Be ruthless in feeling your feelings and in not letting icky emotions get stuck inside you to fester and grow. Feel it, integrate the lessons, thank it, then let it go. Shed shed shed, grow grow grow.


Additional information

Weight .077 lbs
Print Sizes

8×10", 11×14"


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