Da da da daaaaaaa! Exciting announcement time. 
Christmas arrived a week early here at my house, because guess what arrived on my doorstep last night?

The first copies of my forthcoming pattern book, The Crafter's Guide to Patterns!


I started working on this book with Rotovision Publishing early this year, collaborating with my lovely and talented friend Jessica Nichols to photograph it all, and I can't tell you what an absolute thrill it is to see it in print. 

You guys, a book about pattern design with MY name on the front, filled with my patterns and words and projects, is going to exist for real in the world in just a few short months! You'll be able to purchase it sometime between February and April. (I'll write an update here when the publishing date is more clear.)

The book is co-published by a few different publishing houses, which means, lucky me, my book has a couple of different covers. The one above is the USA cover. The one below here is the UK cover:


The book is being published by Lark Crafts here in the USA, and by Search Press in the UK.
You can pre-order the US version on Amazon here! And the UK version here! (Can you tell I'm excited?)

Here's a peek inside:

Jessica and I had so much fun wrapping those gifts. She is such a talented photographer!

Juneau wanted in on the action this morning:

And here's another peek:

The book is mainly about creating patterns by hand, with different projects to create on different surfaces (rubber block printing, cyanotype printing, stenciling, etc) so it's a wonderful complement to my Pattern Camp e-course, which is all computer-based. 

Anyway, I'll share more photos and tell you more about the book once the publishing date gets closer. Just wanted to share a sneak peek today, as I am so happy with how gorgeous it looks! Book designers, man. They're a talented lot. It's amazing that they turned my word docs and mishmashes of images into such a beautiful and cohesive book. Thank you, Rotovision!

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