This past weekend I went on a business lady retreat with some creative friends. The best part is that it was in Portland, so I didn't have to fly or drive anywhere far away -- our retreat house was about 3 miles from my own house! 

We rented this amazing AirBnB pad called The Fenix House. These people are Portland hipsters to the max. Their kids are named Brave and True. Their house was filled with weird/awesome art, cool colors, Pendleton blankets, feathers, and interesting objects and books, and their basement was a crazy den with a huge comfy couch, Christmas lights, and a fireplace. It was so fun!

How insane is that huge ox head? Is that even what it is? I have no idea, but I want one. I posted the photo above on Instagram, and 2 people actually told me where I could get one here in Portland! So you know I'll be going to look into that this week. Barring the possibility that it might be, like, $500 or something crazy, I feel like there's a good chance one will end up in my house. Ryan will be so excited.

They had great plants, boob pillows (!!), and awesome kid art.

How cute is that panda?

We spent time doing "deep dive" sessions on each other's businesses, sharing what we're up to, what's going well, what's challenging, what we need help with/advice about, and it was pretty amazing. The really great thing is that each session, even the ones that were not about my own business, gave me some sort of insight into my own operations. Each of us is a different kind of creative business owner (a retail store owner, an author and creative business consultant, an illustrator and retail/wholesale company, conference and craft show organizers, and me, a painter, surface designer, and teacher). The insight I gained from each person's different perspective was really quite amazing! 

And look at their funky little car! These people are Portlanders through and through. I love it.

On Sunday morning before starting our deep dive sessions, I headed out for an early morning 7-mile run on the waterfront with my running friends, and it was SO foggy. The geese were out and about, floating around. The whole scene was so beautiful, I had to stop and take some pics. I love fog. They looked like they were floating in midair at times. I love how running allows me to get out and see my surroundings in a way that's sort of in between walking and driving. It's faster than walking, so I can see more, but I'm also outside, unlike in a car, so it's more experiential. Who wouldn't thought I'd ever be a runner? So crazy. 

Before I put my bag away after unpacking yesterday, Juneau (of course) decided to get in it.



(There's a cat in there!) And just to complete my Morocco-reminiscing, here's a shot of one of the rugs I bought there last year (and my favorite boots!): 

Why oh why didn't I bring home more rugs??! That was a mistake. Guess I'll have to go back to Morocco one day. Or Turkey! Ooooh, that's on my list, too.

Happy Tuesday!

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