You guys, Monday is the big day! I'm hopping a plane to Morocco (well, 3 planes, actually... Portland > Dallas > Madrid > Marrakech) and will be gone until May 3rd. Eeeee!

I was looking through my portfolio to find a Morocco-esque pattern to post here, but I couldn't find anything that felt quite right..... so I posted these patterns instead. I can't wait to soak up all the pattern and color that's waiting for me in Morocco! It's going to be so fun to come back and see how all the inspiration trickles into my patterns and my paintings.

One thing I'm really curious about is whether or not I'll be inspired to use a lot of blue when I come back.

I use a lot of turquoise-y blues in my work, but not many cobalt-ish colors. And basically every surface in Chefchaouen is painted in the most gorgeous cobalt color, and I think I may fall in love with it. It's never been a go-to color for me, but we'll see what happens.

I may try to post some photos here on my blog occasionally while I'm away, but I'm not sure yet.
I'll definitely post some pics on Instagram, though, so if you want to see pics of me kissing a camel by the ocean, shopping in the souks (markets), and generally marveling at the amazingness around me, follow me there!

I'll be back here posting regularly on May 4th or 5th (which day depends on my level of jet-laggedness).

See you then!

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