After 3 months of waiting and keeping this a secret, I'm so thrilled to finally announce today that I have a brand new licensing agent: Jennifer Nelson of Jennifer Nelson Artists!

Jennifer and I serendipitously began chatting back in February. I wasn't looking for a licensing agent. She wasn't looking for any new artists for her brand new agency (yet). And yet, sometimes things are just meant to be! Jennifer and her 5 amazing artists kept popping up all over my Instagram and Facebook feeds. Her name came up in random conversations I was having with people. She started commenting on my blog posts and liking my Instagram photos. I started paying attention.

I was newly pregnant and started thinking "hmmmm, I wonder if now would be a good time to consider working with a licensing agent?" I've been happily running my own ship for years, doing everything myself, and I started to think that it might be sort-of awesome to have some help, since I have absolutely no idea what life with a baby will be like! So, one day after Jennifer left a comment on a blog post of mine, I decided to take a shot in the dark and email Jennifer to see if she might be looking for any new artists at any point (thinking I'd get some vague "thanks for your interest, I'm not really looking for anyone new right now" kind of answer).

Jennifer's almost-immediate answer: "When can we chat?"

I was shocked!

And then there was lots of excited and happy conversation back and forth, and I ultimately decided to jump on the Jennifer Nelson Artists ship. And I couldn't be more excited about it! I mean, look at this incredibly talented pool of artists I'm joining. What???! I'm still a little stunned! Here's the brand new Jessica Swift page on the website. Doesn't it look so pretty??!

This is Jennifer:

She is excited, kind, passionate about art + her artists, easy to talk to, encouraging, smart, and I am SO thrilled to have her as a new partner. And she's already sold and licensed some of my work before we even made this public announcement, which means we're off to a good start! 


So, that's my second big secret for May 2015! 

It's been so hard to sit quietly these past few months, keeping secret the news about the baby growing in my belly or this exciting new partnership, and having these 2 big pieces of news out in the world now feels GREAT.

If you're interested in working together to get my work onto products that you or your company manufacture, Jennifer is the woman to talk to! You can contact her here and find out lots more about Jennifer and the agency on her website (plus, she'll put together a special gallery of my work for you, depending on what you're looking for -- I've got almost 900 pieces of artwork in the gallery! You can imagine how long that took me to get my jpegs together one by one.... oy!)

Here's a new piece I created recently that's in the gallery:

I think it would make a sweet journal cover, or a card, or something like that. Don't you?


I'm excited to see what wonderful paths this new partnership makes possible in my career. My work and my life feel wide open in this brand new and unknown way right now, and it feels good and right. Baby Swift is kicking away in my belly at the moment, too, so I guess he approves as well. :)

I am so grateful to Jennifer for believing in and loving my artwork, and I'm ready to make some magic together! Bring it on, world!

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