These drawings are of my niece and nephew!

I spent a few days in Colorado visiting my family recently, and I surprised my sister with framed versions of these drawings, part of my month of drawing a person a day project. Aren't they fun? They all loved them. :)

These Photoshop brushes, you guys. I'm telling you. They are unreal. They make coloring these drawings digitally so dang fun!

I posted this one of my niece before, but I think it's fun to see them together, so here she is again.
I also have 3 other nieces and nephews (and another one on the way!), so I see more drawings + gifts in my future... (my sisters-in-law are probably reading this and getting excited right now!)

As far as the person a day drawing project goes, I've fallen off the wagon. Ack! I had a feeling it would happen, especially being out of town for 4 days. I'm many days behind at this point, so today I will pick back up where I left off. It won't be a continuous month, but that's ok! I'm going easy on myself. This project is just for fun, and I'm enjoying it, so I'll just keep plugging away even if I miss some days.

That's all for today. I'm off to run around Portland and film a video for a secret project I'm working on with Kari Chapin....

Happy Thursday!

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