Hey y'all! Happy Monday to you.

Just wanted to give you a heads up that I'm having a big sale this Wednesday July 8th on paintings from my archive (dating as far back as 2007!).

Over 50 pieces -- original paintings, gloss prints, and matted prints -- will be up for grabs. Last time I had a sale like this was before we moved from Atlanta to Georgia in 2012, and it was so fun to send little pieces of my creative history all over the world as people scooped them up. :)

Everything will be available in a sale section of my shop. It will be easy to find, and I'll post a link here on my blog, too, of course!

Here are a few pics of what will be available, to whet your whistle:

The prices are going to be insanely amazing (like, for real), because I'd really love to send these pieces on to some new loving homes. Ryan and I are in full-on house-improvement mode as we prepare for Baby Swift's arrival in September -- we gotta make space for baby stuff, omg! ;)

So, check back here on Wednesday to see what all's available -- the available pieces are a wide variety of sizes and prices, so there'll be a lot to look at and choose from.

See you then!

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