You guys, Monday is the big day! I'm hopping a plane to Morocco (well, 3 planes, actually... Portland > Dallas > Madrid > Marrakech) and will be gone until May 3rd. Eeeee!

I was looking through my portfolio to find a Morocco-esque pattern to post here, but I couldn't find anything that felt quite right..... so I posted these patterns instead. I can't wait to soak up all the pattern and color that's waiting for me in Morocco! It's going to be so fun to come back and see how all the inspiration trickles into my patterns and my paintings.

One thing I'm really curious about is whether or not I'll be inspired to use a lot of blue when I come back.

I use a lot of turquoise-y blues in my work, but not many cobalt-ish colors. And basically every surface in Chefchaouen is painted in the most gorgeous cobalt color, and I think I may fall in love with it. It's never been a go-to color for me, but we'll see what happens.

I may try to post some photos here on my blog occasionally while I'm away, but I'm not sure yet.
I'll definitely post some pics on Instagram, though, so if you want to see pics of me kissing a camel by the ocean, shopping in the souks (markets), and generally marveling at the amazingness around me, follow me there!

I'll be back here posting regularly on May 4th or 5th (which day depends on my level of jet-laggedness).

See you then!

Confession: I've been afraid to paint lately.

I've hit this weird standstill in my working life, where I feel like I can't go forward as I've been going. It's something I've been feeling for quite some time, but that I've continued to push through and ignore.... and all of a sudden, I can't ignore it anymore. I'm getting strong, clear messages that it's time to move forward in a new and different way.

I realize this sounds like I'm getting ready to abandon it all and forge a new path. This is definitely not the case. I love what I do! I just don't love the way that I've been doing it. But it has meant that I've taken a step back from creating and working and all the doing that I've been caught up in for years and years... I've been sitting more. Resting more. Doing more soul work. Being more. Worrying less. Feeling happier. Feeling grateful. (With bouts of worrying, naturally! But they're lessening...)

I have been working plenty, of course (I mean, I'm writing a book right now, for pete's sake!), but I'm not working at my usual frenzied pace, pushing myself to do more more more. It's weird. And good. And scary. But ultimately good.

This trip to Morocco is seriously divinely timed -- I can't imagine a better time to step away from my normal life for a few weeks than in the midst of all this wondering and searching for a new way....


I don't know what my next steps are. Perhaps it's just simply to move forward on my path without worry. (That would be a hugely new and different way for me! I am a worrier to the max.) Perhaps it's accessing my creativity in a new way somehow. Perhaps it's something I can't even imagine yet. I'm not sure.

But, I do know that yesterday I felt called to paint again. It's been awhile since I've wanted to step up to the canvas. That's scary to admit, because I feel like I'm supposed to hold up this veneer of the ever-productive artist that paints and creates freely every day. Sometimes that's the case. Sometimes it's not. But yesterday I felt called, so I listened. I didn't paint much, but I do like what I started. You can see it there above. We'll see what it becomes!

We'll see what it allllll becomes.... I'm remembering more and more these days that life is a journey, not to be rushed through, and I get to make it what I want it to be. What a magnificent gift that is, isn't it?


I've got some bright new sea elves to share today -- I'm especially in love with the little rainbow guy in the middle there. So springy!

When you order one of these sea elves, which one you get from this group of 9 will remain a mystery until he arrives in your mailbox -- and he'll arrive with a special message from the universe, just for you. 

Sea elves are an invitation to trust that you're getting exactly what you need in each moment!

Did you know that Laura, my sea elf collaborator, is going to Morocco with me next week? It's going to be so much fun to create a Morocco-inspired set of sea elves when we get back! They might all be cobalt blue....

You can check out all the currently available available sea elves right here.

Hey y'all! I'm high on sunshine this week -- all the windows are open, we're doing projects around the house, I'm moving artwork around on the walls, and it's making me want to spruce things up! 

I thought you might be in the mood for some springtime sprucing up, too, so I'm having an impromptu sale today. 40% off all prints!

The sale includes:
Just use the code SPRINGFEVER (in all caps) when checking out to automatically have 40% taken off your order.


ps -- the sale ends Wednesday April 9th at 10am PST.

My countdown to Morocco is officially ON. I'm leaving a week from today -- oh my goodness! I can't quite believe it. It seemed for so long that the trip was ages away.... and now it's finally almost HERE.

We're going to Chefchaouen, the blue city, toward the end of the trip, so I peeked at some images on pinterest this morning and got excited all over again when I realized I'm going to be in the midst of all this gorgeousness really soon. ACK!

Also, while we're in Essaouira, a town on the Atlantic coast, we'll be going for a sunset camel ride. Can you even handle it?? I promise to post photos of camels as soon as I'm back.

The DOORS! I might be most excited to see all the Moroccan doors. I bought a giant 32 MB memory card for my camera, so I'm all set to take thousands of photos.

So this week is all about book deadlines and packing and preparing for the trip. Also, it's supposed to be 75 degrees here in Portland today and tomorrow, so I really don't have much to complain about at the moment!

Photo credits: 
1 // by Mademoisielle (via pinterest)
2 // by Paki Nuttah (via pinterest)

Jessica Nichols and I did a photo shoot for our book yesterday, and this is one of my favorite outtakes that we captured -- isn't that background magical? Jessica made it, and I think it's absolutely perfect. I'm going to try my hand at making something similar this weekend, I think. I love the texture and how it makes the colors on my iPhone cases look so bright and happy!


Here are a few other snaps from my iPhone. Piles of patterns, swoon. And yes, that's a potato. :)


The studio where we're shooting is in a funky old building in an industrial part of Portland, and each floor in the stairwell has a giant painted floor number on the door. It's very striking and had to be captured.


Jess and I are meeting again today for photo shoot #2 this week -- follow us on Instagram if you want behind the scenes peeks! I'm here, she's here.

Have a great weekend!

{print available here}

Such a simple and complex thought, all at the same time. Thank you, Yogi Bhajan, for the reminder to be happy, no matter what the outer circumstances!

We can choose happiness in each moment, no matter what is going on around us. Choosing happiness invites happiness in.


So, I realized I don't think I've shared here on my blog that I'm writing a book. Yes!

I share the news with my email list (which you may be on... if you aren't on it but you want to be, you can sign up here) a couple weeks ago, and I alluded to it a couple months ago here on the blog, but I never officially told you that yes, I am writing a book. About pattern design!

It's a tight deadline for the book, so I'm deep in writing-mode lately; it's keeping me a little quiet on the art-making front, so I haven't had much new stuff to share recently. Which feels weird, but it is what it is. Sometimes things have to shift around to make room for bigger projects, and I can't keep up with everything at the same pace, as much as I'd like to be able to!

Yesterday I was working on a section about how to make different types of repeat patterns, and I loved the way these squares were looking in black and white. Usually I use so much color (obviously), and it's fun to see things stripped down to just the basics. I thought you might like to see these versions, too, in a little sneak peek!

The book will be out next Spring -- if you follow me on Instagram, you might see some sneak peeks tomorrow and Friday as well, because Jessica Nichols and I will be busy photographing some sections of the book. We're having so much fun working together! Lots of learning happening... writing and photographing a book is a challenging process, omg!

This past weekend I saw 5 rainbows. I haven't seen a rainbow in ages, and all of a sudden my weekend was filled with them. I think rainbows are auspicious signs from the universe that you're on the right path. And these rainbows were big, full arcs, so I must have been doing something right this weekend!

I went with a group of sisters, led by Pixie, to a rattle-making workshop, which was quite the experience. Here are our rattles, hanging to dry:

They're filled with fluff at this stage, to keep their shape, and when they're dry the rattlers go in -- corn, stones, gems, herbs, etc. And then we'll adorn them with things like beads and feathers. Mine is the one hanging on the bottom right.

And our altar was so pretty, I couldn't resist snapping a pic -- it was filled with sacred objects that we each brought with us, to get all charged up with our group energy and spirit.

Rainbows and altars and rattles and spirit, yes yes YES.....

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