Good morning, friends, and happy Monday!

It's officially SPRING (hooray!), and I decided to celebrate with a giant rain boot sale.

Right now you can get my Shalimar and Ennika rain boots for a whopping 50% off.
(The Shalimar are the turquoise boots, and the Ennika boots are the red/orange ones.)

That means that instead of the regular price of $79 USD, they are now $39.50 USD. Wheee!

I've been wearing mine around Portland lately, and they sure brighten my mood every time I put them on my feet. They're perfect for these first weeks of spring that may still feel like winter in some places (hello, East Coast!).

Enjoy! I'm not sure how long I'm going to run this sale.... so snag them if you want them. ;)

Hi friends!

I've been working on hand-lettering in my sketchbook lately, and this little possibility flag came to be. So I colored it quick-like in Photoshop, and I think it's so cute!

I haven't been in the mood to make much new art recently, but I've felt my creative fire coming back this last week or so. Thank goodness! I always feel more productive and happier when I'm creating. Even if I'm busy with work stuff all day long, if part of my day isn't spent on art-making (and believe me, there are many days that are filled with tons of other tasks besides making art!), it just doesn't feel like I was productive as I could or should have been. Interesting.

I'm toying around with different possibilities around what my work day could look like lately, too... I've spent years and years expecting myself to sit at my desk or in front of a canvas from morning until night, cranking out new stuff and making the most of each moment. I often feel depleted, but I don't listen to my body or my mind when it's telling me to Stop. Rest. Take a break. If I stop, I'll fail, is how the old story in my head goes. If I take my eye off the ball, it's irresponsible and the rug will be swept out from under me. Work hard, be responsible, and then work harder. That's been the story for a long, long time.

Recently I've been challenging those old notions that I've carried around for so long. I've been working waaaaay less. I've been taking naps. I've been laying in bed reading a book until 3pm on a Saturday (oh, the luxury!). I've been doing what needs to be done, and not much more. And guess what? It's pretty awesome! AND I'm not failing and my world isn't falling apart! Who knew? ;)

Anyway, just thinking about possibilities for new thoughts, habits, patterns, and beliefs these days.... what are some new possibilities that could exist for you if you wanted to risk allowing them to be?

Hope your week is wonderful so far!


I love this poem. I remember first reading it in college. I took a couple of poetry writing classes (which I loved), and I think that's where I first came across this poem.

Now, I am not a religious person, and I never have been. So, I'm inclined to remind you that if the word 'God' doesn't work for you, just substitute whatever does -- Spirit, Universe, Great Mystery, Gaia, Mother Nature, whatevs.

Basically I just love this poem because it gives you permission to be exactly who and how you are in the world, no questions asked. It's all ok. In fact, it's better than ok. It's perfect.

I hope your weekend is filled with YESes!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that if you're thinking about signing up for my live Pattern Camp workshop here in Portland next month, you can get $50 off your registration when you use the code 50OFFPCLIVE .

All the course details + registration are on the Pattern Camp website right here!

Let me know if you have any q's. :)

Here's a view of what Portland is looking like lately:

Bright and sun-filled! The rain came back yesterday, and now it's back to sunshine again today. This is the Willamette River, that cuts right through the center of Portland. What a beautiful city it is!

It's springtime in Portland. Stunning weather, stunning flowering trees.... I can't get enough. Though, it's a little bit strange... it's supposed to be rainy and grey this time of year. Instead, it's going to be 68 degrees today and bright bright sun, and it's been that way for the past couple weeks. Global warming seems to really be changing the weather everywhere, doesn't it? 

I spent the weekend on the Oregon coast last weekend, and the weather was similarly spectacular there:

The Oregon coast is just so magical! I love the giant rocks that run up and down the coast and the forests that go all the way up to the water's edge. It's so wild and rugged and gorgeous!

Here's Ryan and me:

I think he looks so cute in that hat.

The house where we stayed gave us a perfect view of the setting sun each evening. WOW. Have you ever heard that just before the sun goes down you can supposedly see a quick green flash? Well, I saw it! I've looked for it while watching the sun set over the ocean before and have never seen it. But this time I got lucky!

In other news, I haven't been making much new art lately, but I have carved some new stamps:

These are for my Life Book lesson that's coming up in May. I had fun creating it!

I've also finished some new patterns recently. Here's one:

It's called Cloudland!

Hope your week is off to a good start. :)

I adore this quote from Aberjhani.

Wishing you a weekend filled with love and rest and sunshine!

Yesterday Kari Chapin and I went out to Yamhill, OR to visit with artist Katherine Dunn at her lovely Apifera Farm.

There is something magical about Oregon. The big, beautiful trees, the mist, the fog, the moss.... I just love it here. Who would have known when we moved here almost 3 years ago that I would fall in love so completely?

I'm really enamored with the idea of one day living on the outskirts of Portland somewhere, with lots of space and animals and quiet.... but still close enough to the city for easy access. Katherine's place is so wonderful -- she's got a nice studio space on the side of her house, several barns, gardens, hills, goats, donkeys, a llama, dogs, chickens, geese, hairy pigs.... it's so dreamy! I know I'm probably romanticizing what it's actually like to live in a farm and all that comes with that kind of life, but it sure does seem soul-fulfilling. 

These are some photos I snapped yesterday before we left. This is Ernest, and Eleanor is in the background there:

There are 2 barn dogs named Benedetto and Marcella who are the sweetest pups ever. They just wanted love love and more love yesterday.

This is Paco:

I pet his nose through the fence, and he gave a little donkey hee-haw whinny -- I've never heard a donkey hee-haw up close and personal before! I loved it, obviously.


I've gotten quieter around here lately and have been blogging less... I typically put a lot of pressure on myself to do do do, more more more, blog every day, but lately I've been lightening up on myself a bit. It feels nice. Uncomfortable and new, but nice. Lots of changes are happening around here, of which I'll tell you about soon, but for now I'm just feeling sort-of quiet and in my own world. Do you know that feeling? I'm trying to just honor the cycles my life takes me through, rather than just charging ahead and ignoring cues from my body and intuition like I've so often done in the past. So: less blogging is what that's been looking like lately. 

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend! We are headed to the Oregon coast this afternoon for a couple of days, and I am very much looking forward to that. I hope it's stormy and windy so we can make a fire and drink tea and get cozy! With a nice break at some point, though, so we can walk on the beach and take lots of photos. :)

above: by Angel Gerardo

My Pattern Campers have created some stunning patterns lately, and I couldn't resist sharing some more of them with you -- they impress me every day! 

Some of the people who participate in Pattern Camp have never used Illustrator or Photoshop before and have never created a repeat pattern -- it's amazing how quickly they pick it up and start creating such gorgeous work.

above: by Aimee Sicuro

above: by Kelsey Cooke

above: by Teresa Barry

above: by Fi Foott

above: by Melissa Bolger

above: by Brooke Albrecht

above: by Kathy McGraw

above: by Michelle Foote

above: by Rebecca Canale


Make sure you click over to their websites to see more of these talented ladies' work!

The next online Pattern Camp is June 6-7th. (Join the list here if you'd like to be notified when registration opens!)

I'm also doing a LIVE Pattern Camp workshop in Portland, OR on April 25-26th. Would love to have you join in either one -- mark your calendars!

I just finished this pattern collection, based on this bird that I shared last week, and I'm really happy with how it turned out! It's called 'Birdcall', and I'm pretty into that deep plum color right now. 

I can envision these patterns on lots of different things -- pajamas, journal covers, stationery, little girls' dresses... and wouldn't that one on the bottom left make a really pretty and dramatic wallpaper for a small space?

Anyway, I'm in pattern design mode lately, so I thought I'd share some of the newness!

This collection is available for licensing, so if you're a creative director/art director and you'd like to chat about licensing my work for your products, send me an email (and check out my full portfolio here)! I love partnering with new companies.

above: You Are A Blessing candle - Fig Currant scent

I've been really excited to get these candles into my shop, and today is finally the day! I've been burning them in my own house since my samples arrived a couple months ago, and they smell so lovely and look so pretty when they're all lit up. I love a good candle, don't you?

above: Believe, Soar candle - Verbena Cedarwood scent

above: Quiet Heart candle - Vanilla Amber Must scent

The candles are 7.16 oz in heavy-duty glass containers, will burn for approximately 37 hours, and are $22 each. I think they're such great gifts!

Hope you love them. :)

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