This quote!! I love. Was there ever a sentence written by Rumi that was not the most gorgeous and heart-expanding string of words possible? I really don't think so. He just went straight to the heart of the truth with his words. He must have been an incredible person to be in the presence of. I wonder if his soul is wandering around on Earth in some other body right now? (Do you believe in reincarnation? I'm reading this amazing book right now called Journey of Souls. Highly recommended if you're into that sort of thing.)

This quote is appropriate today as it's Thanksgiving here in the USA tomorrow. I love that we have a holiday focused on gratitude. Though, I'm practicing being grateful every day and every moment I remember to be, and I'm trying to complain less in my life. Dropping the complaining really helps make room for gratitude instead!

This morning while out running in the dark, wee hours, my running coach Mary reminded us to be mindful of the words we use all day today as we prepare for this holiday -- she said every time we tell ourselves we "have to" do something, change those words to "get to". I get to go grocery shopping, I get to write this blog post, I get to call my family, I get to drive my car around town running errands, I get to spend time cooking.... when you look at it that way, everything is a gift, really. Wow, such a simple word change can make such a difference!

Anyway, if you're here in the USA, I wish you the happiest Thanksgiving. I hope your day is relaxing and filled with love, warmth, laughter, gratitude, and delicious food. Actually, I wish that for everyone whether it's Thanksgiving in your world tomorrow or not!

Many blessings to you today. I am grateful for YOU!

There is an artist/designer here in Portland named Blaine Fontana. He's sort-of Portland-famous, I think. (Maybe he's beyond Portland famous? I don't know. I'm not really in the loop on things like this most of the time...)

He painted this mural on the side of a building here over the summer; it's pretty amazing, as you can see. And the message, I'm obviously down with. 

I had a funny moment with Blaine, whom I'd never met before, about 2 months ago. I was dropping something off for a show, and he sauntered up to chat with Yvonne, my friend that I was in the midst of chatting with. She said "Jessica, do you know Blaine?" And I said no, I didn't know him, and nice to meet you, and blah blah blah, and then I had this moment of recognition about who he was and I had a total fangirl reaction and it was really kind-of embarrassing. Like, I have no idea why I reacted the way I did -- I was very enthusiastic, and it was very unlike me! It was really weird, because I do love what I've seen of Blaine's work out in the world, but I made it seem like I was a mega super fan weirdo, I think. Haha. So now whenever I see his work, I remember that moment. Ahhh, life. It gives us good memories and stories, doesn't it?

Blaine, if you ever find yourself reading this: Hi! I'm the weirdo who was with Yvonne at the birdhouse drop-off. I like this mural a lot. Nice work. :)

Well, the holidays officially start for us here in the USA this week with Thanksgiving on Thursday. Is time flying for anyone else? Whoa, I can't believe it's this time of year again already!

Ryan is working overnight on Thanksgiving this year (BOO), so I'm having dinner with a couple of my fellow vegetarian, gluten-free friends. They came over last night so we could plan our menu, and it's going to be SO good! Brussels sprouts with mustard seeds, sweet potato-black bean-avocado-pumpkin seed salad, chermoula cauliflower, cranberry sauce with pinot noir, spaghetti squash with tomato lentil sauce, raw chocolate mousse, pumpkin pie...... and that's not even everything that we're making! I see leftovers for days in my future. Yessss. I love leftovers.

Anyway, with Thanksgiving each year comes my annual Black Friday sale. Buy any print or 2015 calendar, get a FREE print! Buy two, get two. Etc. This is a great time to start shopping for holiday gifts! The sale will run from Friday November 28th through Sunday November 30th.

Prints are here and calendars are here, in case you'd like to get a head start on choosing what you might like to stock up on.

Also, on Cyber Monday (December 1st), everything in my shop will be 20% off, so if there's something besides prints and calendars that you have your eye on, next Monday will be your day to scoop it up while it's all on sale for that one day only!


Before doing some Black Friday shopping of my own on Friday, I'll be walking a llama in the Macy's Day parade here in downtown Portland, like I did last year. It was so fun!! The llamas are pros at walking in parades -- they love to show off their cute outfits. Isn't that adorable?

And speaking of llamas, I made a cute little Peruvian-inspired llama pattern recently:

And a pretty + bright floral pattern to go with it:

Oh patterns, the love of my life. :)

Happy Monday!

All you have to do is listen.... and then trust.... and then act.... and then so it will be.

Be..... do...... have.

How cool is that?

Happy weekend!

These drawings are of my niece and nephew!

I spent a few days in Colorado visiting my family recently, and I surprised my sister with framed versions of these drawings, part of my month of drawing a person a day project. Aren't they fun? They all loved them. :)

These Photoshop brushes, you guys. I'm telling you. They are unreal. They make coloring these drawings digitally so dang fun!

I posted this one of my niece before, but I think it's fun to see them together, so here she is again.
I also have 3 other nieces and nephews (and another one on the way!), so I see more drawings + gifts in my future... (my sisters-in-law are probably reading this and getting excited right now!)

As far as the person a day drawing project goes, I've fallen off the wagon. Ack! I had a feeling it would happen, especially being out of town for 4 days. I'm many days behind at this point, so today I will pick back up where I left off. It won't be a continuous month, but that's ok! I'm going easy on myself. This project is just for fun, and I'm enjoying it, so I'll just keep plugging away even if I miss some days.

That's all for today. I'm off to run around Portland and film a video for a secret project I'm working on with Kari Chapin....

Happy Thursday!

Hello, friends! I'm back from a lovely visit with my family in Colorado, and I'm excited to share some brand new greeting cards with you this morning. I've finally gotten my act together to create some cards to put in my shop, and now that they're ready I keep thinking "why did I wait so long to make these? I love them!"

For now there are 14 cards to choose from, all blank on the inside. They're perfect for  variety of occasions (especially to give to the special ones in your life to tell them how much you love them). :)

There are several Christmas cards, too:

The Christmas cards are 5x7". All the other cards are an adorable 4.25 x 5.5".

I hope these will make your holidays a bit more colorful, and I also hope they'll inspire you to send someone you love a special note just because. The time is always right now for doing good and sharing our love, right? (I think I'm inspiring myself to send some notes right now, ha!)

Find all the new cards right here:


above: by Natalie Woodham

My Pattern Campers are on a serious roll. They are cranking out new patterns like nobody's business. They've inspired me to get to work on some new patterns of my own, too! (I'll share some of those another day... maybe next week.)

Here are some recent beauties that have shown up in the group!

above: by Dottie Lipski

above: by Pilar Hernandez (she made patterns out of her kids' artwork! How cute is that?)

above: by Emilie Boucher

above: by Anne Bomio

above: by Stephanie Nash

above: by Karen Fields

above: by Jessica Peach

The next session of Pattern Camp is February 7-8, 2015. Get on the list if you'd like to be notified when registration opens (and get a special earlybird price, too)!

Thank you to everyone who entered this week's Uncommon Goods giveaway! I knew you'd all like these 2 things. :)

The lucky winner is: Kristen R! 

Congratulations, Kristen -- send me your mailing address and I'll past along to Uncommon Goods, who'll ship your goodie out to you asap. :)

Happy Friday!

Well, I inadvertently skipped 2 days of my recent 'month of drawing a person a day' endeavors, but I'm forging ahead and am not being too hard on myself. All in all, I think I'm doing pretty well, since I usually don't last for more than a few days on these every day type challenges!

Here are days 7, 8, and 9. I missed days 10 and 11, but I picked back up yesterday for day 12. Here he is, still fresh in my sketchbook:

I'll scan him in, clean him up, and color him in Photoshop next!

This project is really fun. Each time I sit down to draw, I'm relieved and happy to be making time for it. I hope this month will make me go more regularly to my sketchbook for play time!

Oh, and if you want to see all the drawings in one place, I'm putting them in a Flickr album right here. I love seeing them all together!

You guys, I've been so excited to share these new goodies with you, and today is finally the day! I got everything all loaded up in my shop and ready to go, so I'm very happy to tell you that I've got some brand new gorgeous holiday items ready for you to scoop up starting right now!

Starting with: Christmas ornaments!

These little beauties are from my Love Brightly Christmas collection with Midwest-CBK. They are all glittery and scrumptious -- seriously, the second I can get my hands on a Christmas tree (day after Thanksgiving, anyone?), these babies are going on it, front and center. I am so in love with them, and I know you will be, too! You can find all the new ornaments here -- they're in limited quantities, so get yours now if you see some that are calling to you.

There are also some lovely and festive resin-covered art blocks, which are both holiday and every day appropriate. They're so pretty and shiny! (And they've got some glitter on them, too, don't even worry about that, friends! I'm all about the glitter.)

There are 4 different bird images, each 8x8" and ready to hang. These will make such lovely gifts and holiday decorations! I'll probably line these up on my mantle come Christmas time. The art blocks are on wood with painted edges, covered in a shiny resin finish. You can find the art blocks here.

Speaking of art blocks, I'm digging these brand new inspirational art blocks, too:

These ones are smaller -- 4 x 6" -- and are the perfect little inspirational desk accessory. Next to a sweet little mini cacti? I mean, come on! So cute. There are 4 inspirational art blocks to choose from, pictured above. I think these will make the sweetest holiday gifts!

And this, I love so much:

Because why wouldn't you want to be reminded of how beautiful you are each time you pull out your make-up bag? I think this would make such a wonderful gift for your mom, your best friend, your sister.... basically anyone who could use this reminder on the regular. (Hello, every woman in the world!)

There are also some really lovely inspirational mugs and paperweights available -- basically, I just want everything I make to be a sweet reminder that this is your one precious, miraculous life. Live it!

(Also, there's a secret message on the inside lip of each mug....)

(The paperweights might be my favorite.)

I hope you love all the new stuff! I'm excited to give some of it as gifts myself this year. Inspiration is the best gift, am I right?

Find all the new goodies in the shop!



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