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new iPhone cases for summer, now in the shop

I designed some new iPhone cases, and they’re now available in my shop. Fresh new patterns for a fresh new season.

Shop all the designs right here.

This is Azurra:

And Bees:

And Serena:

And Prairie:

And Fox and Skunk:

Hope you love them! (I’m currently using the Bees case on my phone. A honey bee followed + harassed me for a while yesterday as I was walking down the sidewalk with the phone in my hand, so be warned that the bees seem to like the case if that’s the one you choose!) ;)




Big sale next Thursday May 11th!


This post is a heads up that I’m having a big online moving sale next week, on Thursday May 11, 2017. One week from today!

We’re building a brand new garage/studio in our backyard right now (garage on bottom, studio on top – such a dream!!), and I’ll be moving in later this month. I can hardly wait! But holy moly, I’ve created and accumulated so much stuff and it’s time to let some of it go in order to make room for creating lots of new artwork.

So, lucky you – my cleaning and purging means a great big sale with amazingly low prices on everything from original paintings to journals, paperweights to thank you cards, and more. Yes!

I’ll post here again next week with details, but for now just mark your calendar for May 11th and get your shopping fingers ready!



100 days of patterns: mission accomplished

Yesterday was the final day in my 100 Days of Patterns project. I did it! Mission accomplished!

Some days it was not easy. Some days I didn’t want to do it. Some days I didn’t create a pattern that I liked at all. Some days I surprised myself and created a pattern that I loved that sparked ideas for future patterns and collections of patterns.

All in all, I’m SO glad I embarked on this daily project, and I think I’ll probably do it again at some point in the future! For now, though, a break from the daily stuff. Between this and my daily animal painting project that I worked on in 2016, I’ve been working on a daily project for the past 465 days! It’s time to let myself off the hook for a little while… until I’m inspired to start up another project of some sort. ;)

This video is all 100 patterns that I created, in order. I love seeing them all together. I hope you do, too!


I’m a guest on the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast

I’m the guest over on the Creative Biz Rebellion podcast today, talking all about inspiration (and what to do when you just….. don’t have it). I had such a great time chatting with the podcast creators Kelly Parker Smith and Caroline Hull – I feel like inspiration and causing it to come (rather than waiting for it to come) is something I could talk about for hours. I mean, if I just waited for inspiration to strike I would make art maybe once a month. If even that. I’m not kidding!

But seriously. Give this episode of the podcast a listen if you’re looking for a little…. inspiration. ;) ha!

And listen to the other episodes of the podcast, too, because they are really good. These two ladies are lighting up the podcast world with this one!

You can find my episode right here or by searching for Creative Biz Rebellion on iTunes.



Introducing: Campfire, a new community for creatives

I am so excited to share my brand creative program with you today – a sort-of sister program to my Pattern Camp e-course – it’s called CAMPFIRE! And you’re invited to the fire.

Campfire is a private membership community + learning space for creative souls. It’s for anyone who wants to take their pattern and/or art-making skills to the next level, get inspired, have real, honest conversations + get real answers to questions, and who want to connect with like-minded creative people from around the world and be part of a supportive and encouraging group of fellow creatives.

Campfire is about: Inspiration. REAL conversation. Connection. Sharing information. Art-making. Technology. Not being perfect. Asking questions (and getting real answers!). Stretching ourselves. Vulnerability. Diving into the unknown. Saying YES.

It’s a virtual campfire where I hope you’ll love to gather and share wisdom and ask questions and BE together. I can’t wait to sit around the fire with everyone who decides to join me there!

New content is delivered monthly straight into your inbox.

Each month Campfire will include:

  • An uplifting video Campfire Chat + a video Campfire Business Chat
  • Fill-in and printable goodies and/or product templates for your artwork
  • An in-depth interview with one of the pros – surface designers, illustrators, artist agents, and more
  • LIVE video check-in where we can chat and you can get your questions answered in real time each month
  • weekly pattern/art-making challenge theme
  • An Illustrator, Photoshop, or iPad Pro video tutorial so you can practice your skills and learn some new tricks
  • Info, advice, and motivational pep talks from expert contributors on topics like art licensing, portfolio-building, e-commerce, growing your creative business, social media, and more.

Current contributors include:

:: Madison Park Group creative director Margo Tantau

:: best-selling author Kari Chapin

:: successful online shop owner/pattern designer Kelly Parker Smith of Hello World Paper Co & Stamps

  • Your Inner Campfire – where you can let your inner woo-woo out to play + shine!
  • Ongoing conversation + connection with me and other creatives in our private Facebook group
  • Book recommendations
  • Assorted other goodies each month

As a Campfire member you’ll have access not only to the current month’s content but also the entire archive of content that’s been created each month in the private, member-only Campfire website. That means all the video tutorials, interviews, printable artwork, templates, everything!

The next session of Pattern Camp is coming up April 8-9, 2017.

A pretty sweet deal is available right now through April 7th if you’re interested in signing up for both Campfire and Pattern Camp:

Sign up for a yearly Campfire membership ($299 USD) and get into the Pattern Camp e-course for just $49 USD! (Regular course price: $239 USD) 

That’s just $348 for both programs – a savings of $190. Yes! Invest in yourself and join us for a year of learning, uplifting, motivation, support, growth, and above all FUN.


If this seems like it’s up your alley, click here to head over to the Pattern Camp website to learn more:


Hope to see you in Camp and around the fire!




brand new + coming soon: Campfire

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I’ve been quietly working away behind the scenes on something brand new – called Campfire – that’s a companion/sister to my online course, Pattern Camp. I’m not quite ready to spill the beans on it yet, but I did want you to know that it’s coming SOON, and I think you’re going to love it.

If you’re on my email list, keep your eye out this week and next for some cool free stuff and then the big reveal about what Campfire is and how you can get in on the action on March 28th…

Oh, and if you’re planning to take (or are interested in learning more about) the upcoming session of Pattern Camp on April 8-9, 2017 and are wondering about registration details, please know that registration for the course will also open on March 28th AND there will be a wonderful special deal available for you.

More details soon….

Oh! And Pattern Camp has a brand new look – take a peek!


100 days of patterns: 71 down, 29 to go

It’s crazy that there’s less than one month to go in this 100 days of patterns project that I embarked on in the beginning of 2017.

Some days my patterns have been more involved than others; some days they’ve been quite quick and simple. But I’ve created a pattern every day no matter what (even while traveling solo with my toddler for 6 days last month! Thank you, iPad Pro, for making creating digital art on the go so  much easier!)

These are some of my recent favorites.

You can see all of them over on my Instagram feed if you’re so inclined. :)

If you’re interested in learning how to make your own repeat patterns, you might be interested in my online course, Pattern Camp. The upcoming session is April 8-9, 2017, and registration opens March 28.

I also have something brand new in the works that will be revealed that same day…. it’s called Campfire. It’s a membership community for creative souls (not just people who are or who want to be surface pattern designers). There will be an incredible deal available from March 28 – April 7 when you sign up for both Pattern Camp + Campfire. You’ll want to be on this list to get all the details as soon as they’re available. (I can’t wait to share it all with you and invite you in!)


Flora Bowley’s new creative revolution e-course

You may already know who Flora Bowley is. (You probably do! She’s pretty popular. And stunningly talented!) Flora has a brand new e-course called The Creative Revolution that begins next week. She asked me if I’d like to share it with my people and I said YES! Because I think it’s probably right up many of your alleys.

The course is all about inviting more creativity into every aspect of your daily life. Through mixed media art exercises, daily mindfulness practices, and movement sequences, Flora will artfully guide you back home to a place of inspiration and self-expression. Sounds amazing, right? Class begins on Tuesday February 14th (the best day for self-love and self-investment, am I right?), and you can find all the info + sign up over on Flora’s website.

Here are some peeks inside the course:

Flora’s studio (which is here in Portland and where the e-course was filmed) is GORGEOUS and incredibly inspiring. If nothing else this course is sure to be a visual feast and an inspiring peek into Flora’s beautiful world!

I took an e-course of Flora’s several years back and can honestly say that her approach to teaching and creating has the ability to shift… well, everything. I do not think you’ll be disappointed if you decide to sign up for this course.

Full details + registration are right here.

Class begins in 5 days, on Tuesday February 14th.

Oh! And anyone who signs up between now and February 14th will also receive one free Painting Session (a $24 value). Bonus!!

Let me know if you decide to sign up – I’d love to hear what shifts for you in your life and in your creativity throughout the course!




A handful of recent patterns

It has been one thing after another around here lately – sickness after sickness (I got pneumonia, you guys. Pneumonia!), a kitchen remodel project that we thought would take a few days that’s now been dragging on for over 2 weeks, terrible weather (ice storms + snow storms + rain rain rain…). I’m officially ready for spring and summer!

My 100 days of patterns project is keeping me going through it all. I’ve made some patterns that I really like over these past 36 days so far! Here’s a peek at a handful of recent faves. (See the rest over on Instagram and Facebook!)


Behind the scenes, I’m working on something brand new that will be a sort-of extension of my e-course Pattern Camp. I’ll be announcing it in about a month – stay tuned!


my newest patterns

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day15

17 days down, 83 to go!

I am having SO much fun creating patterns so far this year. Here are some of my favorites! (You can follow along and see my new ones each day over on Instagram and on Facebook.)

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day5

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day11

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day10

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day12

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day17

jessicaswift-100days ofpatterns-day16

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with these yet…. I imagine I’ll turn some of them into pattern collections, maybe change the colors on some of them…. for now, I’m really having a great time just creating a new one-off pattern each day. Hopefully I’ll get the chance to license some of them for some fun products and then we’ll see them out in the world, too. Time will tell!