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Can a pair of RAIN BOOTS change the world? I think so. Scratch that — I know so.


My new line of rain boots are fresh, spirited + undeniably stylish. You’ll want to wear them even when it’s not raining (and lady — you should). Best of all, each pair of rainboots comes with a secret message, tucked inside. Just a little reminder that you are unique + magnificent — every single day, rain or shine.


Available in U.S. women's sizes, 6 - 11. Find your size, here!



You’ve probably realized it already, but these aren’t just ordinary rain boots. They’re symbols of love + human connection.

$5 from every online rain boot order goes to charity : water — an extraordinary non-profit that brings clean + safe water to people in developing regions.

I’m aiming for $5,000 — enough to deliver fresh water to 250 people. For life.



I'm so glad you're interested in carrying my rainboots in your shop (hello, eye-catching window display!) Let's make it happen!

These rain boots have a pretty incredible backstory — I launched the line after raising nearly $25,000 dollars on Kickstarter. Which proves — once + for all — that puddle-stomping, giggle-inducing footwear is always in fashion.

You can download my wholesale line sheet right here. Then, send me a note and we'll get things moving.

$50 of every wholesale order goes to charity : water. You'll be helping to bring fresh, clean, safe drinking water to people in developing regions by carrying my boots in your store!

  • "The day I received them it was pouring with rain, one of the first rainy days we've had here in Melbourne as summer ends, so it was perfect weather to go out and show off my new boots! I've been getting so many compliments from people! And I love the message in them, I was sitting in the cinema thinking how comfortable they are to wear, and I remembered the 'This is the moment' message, and immediately became present and took notice of the beauty of that moment, sitting with my family enjoying a movie."Jen Saunders
  • "I took the boots out for a "test drive" last week when my husband & I went for a hike in the rain. With the protection of the rubber & that amazing affirmation, I felt so uninhibited. I was splashing in puddles like I was 5 years old, feeling so much joy & curiosity about life. Weird how a pair of simple boots will do that to you. I guess they're not just simple boots, are they? Needless to say, the boots withstood the muck, woodland debris & murky puddles beautifully! I was happy to break them in in that way." Ev'Yan Nasman
  • “I just cannot say enough awesome things about these boots! I've never been one to gush over shoes, but these are just so.... me! I love them! I got them and have gotten to wear them and they are amazing boots. The most comfortable rain boots I own by far, and I have several pairs."Marjee Chmiel


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